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Adalia Rose Biography

Adalia Rose is an American internet sensation born with Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS), commonly known as Progeria, a genetic disease that causes rapid ageing and other problems such as dwarfism and hair loss. She was born on 10th December 2006 in Round Rock, Texas, United States.

Adalia was born healthy but after some months she began showing signs of the premature ageing condition. In 2012 he mother set up a Facebook page for her where she shares photos and videos of her singing and dancing. Her most notable Facebook video is “Sunset makeup look on my mom” which was published on 14th December 2016. The video went viral and has more than 17 million views.

She has appeared in videos promoting the cause of finding a cure for this disease. The proceeds from these videos are used for the research on the causes of this disease and the treatment of other children affected by ‘progeria’.

Adalia has been a victim of bullying and victimization. Some people say she should have been aborted. In July 2013 a Facebook page called ‘Stop the aliens before it’s too late’ was launched which featured Adalia’s photoshopped images claiming she was an alien.

Adalia Rose Age/ How Old Is Adalia Rose

Adalia was born on 10th December 2006 (she is 12 years old as of 2018) but due to progeria she looks older.

Adalia Rose Mother/ Who is Adalia Rose Mom

Adalia was born to a single mother Natalia Amozurrutia. At the time of Adalia’s diagnosis, her mother was single and she said she felt lost.

“My favourite thing about being her mom is just watching her grow and seeing just how different she is from everyone. She is just so rambunctious and everyday is something new with her, so it’s always exciting. Adalia has changed my life completely, it’s not like I was hateful but I wasn’t nice to myself. I wasn’t thankful. I didn’t realise what life was until she was born.”

Adalia Rose  Family

Adalia was born to a single mom Natalia and her biological father is unknown. Her mother later got married to Ryan Pallante and she has three younger brothers Emiliano, Marcelo and Niko.

Adalia Rose with her family
Adalia Rose with her family

Adalia Rose Progeria

Adalia suffers from a Progeria, a genetic disease that causes rapid ageing and other problems such as dwarfism and hair loss.

She was diagnosed with the condition at the age of three months. Her mother says that when she was like a month old the doctors were not happy with her growth and that her skin on the tummy was tight and different looking.

“When Adalia was born, I think it was she was like a month old and they weren’t happy with her growth. That was one of the symptoms that first popped up and then it was also that the skin on her tummy was really tight and just different looking. She was diagnosed at maybe like three months old. That’s when the real changes started happening. She started losing her hair and her little veins started showing up more and her skin started thinning out a lot more.” Her mother said during an interview.

The average life expectancy for a child with progeria is about 13 years although some may die younger while others may live longer up to 20 years. Most of the deaths of children with progeria are caused by heart problems and stroke. Her mother says that they live one day at a time and they avoid discussing life expectancy with Adalia so as not to fill her with fear.

Facebook Petition

There was a petition to pull down her Facebook page which was started by James Anderson.

“As you may know Adalia Rose, a six-year-old child who suffers from a disease called Progeria, has been quite large on the internet for a while. And no, this isn’t against Adalia, it’s against her mother, Natalia, who controls the Facebook page. It’s okay that she has her daughter on the internet, but she’s too large on Facebook. Obviously, there would be action against her, quite a few Facebook pages target her and claim she is an alien, once she passes away all that will be remembered of her on the internet are these pictures mocking her. Now, I know there will be people saying she is beautiful and whatnot, so why aren’t the other children suffering from progeria getting money like crazy because of one Facebook page? I don’t see memorial pages for the children who died from Progeria. Why should Adalia be so special and the other children aren’t?

If anything, I would request for Adalia’s page to be taken down, and for her content to be posted on a page for children with Progeria with the other children who suffer from Progeria, rather than just one child”

The petition was closed with only 10 supporters.

Adalia Rose Dead

Adalia Rose is alive. There was a death hoax in 2012 when a site reported that she had died which caused many ‘RIP Adalia’ pages to spring up.

Adalia Rose Youtube

Adalia has a Youtube channel which has over 2 Million subscribers.

Adalia Rose Instagram

Adalia Rose Facebook

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