Alexander Edwards (Amber Rose Boyfriend) Bio, Age, Net worth, Def Jam, Rapper

Alexander and his girlfriend Amber Rose announces that they are expecting their first kid together.


Alexander Edwards Biography

Alexander Edwards is an American rapper and music executive who is currently the Vice President of A&R at Def Jam records. He became popularly known when he began dating model Amber Rose.

Alexander Edwards Age/ Ae4president Age

Alexander is 32 years old.

Alexander Edwards Rapper Wiki

Alexander started out as a local rapper, he began his rap career in rap groups such as 4Deep and THE A’z. He grew up in North Oakland and sites the late Tupac Shakur as his musical “mentor”.

Alexander Edwards Record Label

Alexander started his own record label Gloryus during his time as a rapper. The company began as a recording company and expanded to include clothing.

During an interview with TinyTeeIsBomb blog he was asked the meaning of the name of the company which he said meant: “Glorious means; having, worthy of, or bring fame, or admiration. Having a striking beauty, or splendor that evokes feelings of delighted admiration. So I flipped the ious to us. A lot of rappers now are about me. I’m about we (us).”

Alexander Edwards Def Jam

Edwards works as the Vice President of A&R for the record label. He joined the label in 2018 after working with Tyga and his Last Kings Records. He helped sign 18-year-old YK Osiris to Def Jam.

Alexander Edwards Net worth

Alexander’s net worth is not in the public domain.

Amber Rose and Alexander Edwards/ Amber Rose Boyfriend 2019

Amber Rose began dating her boyfriend Alexander Edwards in 2018. A video of them kissing emerged online and went viral on Instagram. Edward later posted the video on his Instagram account.


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My twin 😍👅🌋🌪

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The two have known each other for more than three years. Amber left a comment on Edward’s Instagram where she wrote: ‘ I wish we could’ve been together this whole time… from the day I met you in 2015 it just wasn’t the right time for us I guess, but now ur allllll miiiiiine twin!’

During Amber’s 35th birthday Edward threw a surprise birthday party for Amber. Amber took to Instagram where she posted a video to her Instagram account thanking him for the surprise.

“Thank you My Twin @ae4president I love you with all of my heart! Ur energy, personality and presence brings so much Joy to any and everyone who gets a chance to be around you Baby! This is the best Bday ever!”

Amber also wrote that Edwards came to her life when she had had enough of the narcissistic, cheating and abuse from her previous relationships.

“He also came into my life at a time where I’ve had enough of the narcissistic, cheating and abuse I’ve endured over the years from my previous relationships…..Me always apologizing for things I had no business apologizing for, being gaslighted, manipulated and mentally abused 😔”

She also said that she felt damaged when they met and she pushed him away in the beginning.

“I felt so damaged when I met him and pushed him away in the beginning, he has talked me through everything while simultaneously loving me and working with me so I could overcome my fear of loving someone in the most healthiest way again. So @ae4president Thank you for all of ur love and support baby. I love you so much 😘🤗🥰😇”

Amber Rose Baby Father

On 3rd April 2019, Amber Rose posted on her Instagram account that she was expecting a second child with Alexander Edwards. She posted a photo of her getting an ultrasound and captioned: “@ae4president and I are SUPER excited to announce that we have a Sweet little Baby Boy on the way!P.S Sebastian is soooooo Happy to be a big brother!”

Edward also posted the photo on his Instagram with the caption: “Even when it’s dark.. my SON will shine. ❤️☀️✨🙏🏽 Thank u baby 4 my greatest gift. s— wild! I love you 💕. I can’t wait to thug it out w my baby boy. & baby boy, I promise I won’t get mad if ur first words r ‘where the b— @?” 🤣💙 (jokinggg-no hyper-masculinity)”

Alexander Edwards and Tyga

Alexander and Tyga have been friends for a long time and has also collaborated in Tyga’s music. They collaborated on songs such as “Good or Bad”, “Don’t C me coming” and Tyga’s hit “Taste”. Tyga even gave him a shout out in the track rapping: “Like my n*&&a A.E. say, yadadamean. A.E. has also gone on tour with Tyga and was even on an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

Alexander Edwards Instagram


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Alexa play “Valentine” by @ykosiris ❤️❤️❤️

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