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Ali Watkins Biography

Ali Watkins is an American media personality who works as a National Security Reporter at The New York Times. She gained popularity after pointing on the CIA’s interrogation and detention. This earned her a job at Huffington Post. In 2014 she reported on the CIA spying on computers of Senate Intelligence Committee which sparked the new controversy in the administration.

Ali Watkins Age

Ali is 27 years old as of 2019; she was born in 1992.

Ali Watkins Education Background

She joined Temple University in 2010 graduating in 2014 with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. While at the University she interned at McClatchy and helped break the story on the CIA’s interrogation and detention.

Ali Watkins Reporter

Ali Watkins began his career in media in 2013 as a National security and regional politics reporter at McClatchy where she was an intern until October 2014.

She joined The Huffington Post in 2014 as a National Security Reporter after she pointed on the CIA’s interrogation and detention. She held the position until October 2015 when she joined BuzzFeed also as a National Security Reporter. In May 2017 he joined Politico for the same position until December 2017 when he joined The New Tork Times.

She focuses on the enforcement agencies like US Secret Service, DEA and ATF. She covers the topics on the national security issues in Washington, DC for the New York Times.

Ali Watkins New York Times

In July 2018 the New York Times reported that Watkins will be transferred out of the newspaper’s Washington bureau and reassigned to a new beat in New York. This after the revelations that she had a three-year affair with James Wolfe, a high-ranking aide on the Senate Intelligence Committee, which she covered for several news organizations before joining The Times.

Ali had previously been covering federal law enforcement but was reassigned. According to a memo written by Dean Baquet, the paper’s executive editor she will be assigned a mentor and moved to a new beat in New York “for a fresh start.”

“We hold our journalists and their work to the highest standards. We are giving Ali an opportunity to show that she can live up to them. I believe she can. I also believe that The Times must be a humane place that can allow for second chances when there are mitigating circumstances.”

Ali also released a statement which read; “I respect and understand the Times’s review and agree that I should have handled aspects of my past relationships and disclosures differently. I sincerely regret putting The Times in a difficult position and am very grateful for the support I’ve received from my editors and colleagues here. I also appreciate the review’s conclusion that my reporting has been fact-based and accurate.”

Ali Watkins and James Wolfe

Ali Watkins was in a relationship with James A. Wolfe, for about three years, who served as the director of security position for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) for almost 30 years. He was arrested on allegations of giving false statements to FBI agent. The FBI agents say he had denied knowing Watkins but was confronted with photographs of the two of them together; he then admitted to a romantic relationship that began in 2014. Wolfe was accused of leaking information to three reporters including Watkins other agencies. Wolfe leaked information to reporters about the committee’s work, including its subpoena last fall of an individual believed to be former Trump adviser Carter Page.

On 13th February 2018, a federal prosecutor notified Ali Watkins that the Doj had obtained information on her Google email accounts and Verizon phone. The seized records were from before and after Watkins joined the ‘Times’ in 2017 to cover federal law enforcement.

Ali Watkins had been previously investigated about her relationship with Wolfe but she said Wolfe had not been her professional source of information. She said before joining the Times she told editors at two previous employers — BuzzFeed News and Politico — about her relationship with Wolfe and continued to cover national security and the Intelligence Committee for them.

In 2014 when their relationship began Watkins helped McClatchy newspapers break a story related to the Senate Intelligence Committee. Wolfe was the committee security director.

Temple boasted about Watkins’s role in the scoop, at the time:

Journalism major Ali Watkins spent some of her internships at McClatchy DC News hanging around elevators and locked doors — but not because she was idle. Rather, she was establishing relationships with people who might serve as sources for stories. And in December 2013, her creative persistence paid off.

A breaking national story was the direct result of tips she received through unnamed sources with whom she has developed trusting relationships since she began reporting for McClatchy in May 2013.

On 8th June 2018 her phone and email years’ worth records were seized by the Trump administration’s Justice Department as part of a leak probe into James Wolfe.

In September 2017 while Watkins was working for Politico while dating Wolfe, she seemed to point the finger at attorneys for President Trump over various media disclosures.

The tweets were posted about a month before a different reporter published the story on the Page subpoena. But the indictment strongly suggests Wolfe was a top source for committee stories and that Watkins was among the reporters who got information from Wolfe.

In an April 2013 tweet, Watkins also tweeted about the fictional Netflix television show “House of Cards,” where a young reporter has an affair with an older member of Congress.

Her former and current colleagues defended her work on twitter saying;

Ali Watkins Twitter

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