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Andy Ngo Biography

Andy Ngo is a Portland-based independent journalist and photographer. He is an editor and photographer for Quillette. He covers topic pertaining to protests, free expression, and Islam. He also hosts a podcast series ‘Things You Should Ngo’. On June 29, 2019 he was assaulted by Antifa protestants.

Andy Ngo Age

Andy is 32 years old; He was born in 1987 in Portland, Oregon, United States.

Andy Ngo Nationality

Andy holds duo nationality; he is Vietnamese and American national.

Andy Ngo Ethnicity – Andy Ngo Heritage

Andy is of Asian race and Vietnamese heritage.

Andy Ngo Sexuality

Andy is gay.

Andy Ngo Parents

Andy was born to Vietnamese parents who migrated to the United States in 1978 and settled in Oregon. His mother was born to a middle-class family and at the age of 16, she was sent to a labor camp after her family business was confiscated by the communists regime.

His father was a police officer during the war. Despite the job being good, it was risky as one could easily be shot afterwards.

Andy Ngo Education

Ngo attended Benson Polytechnic High School in Portland, Oregon. He later joined the University of California, Los Angeles graduating with a B.A. in Design and Media Arts in 2009.

Andy Ngo Podcast

Andy hosts a podcast known as ‘Things You Should Ngo’ om Apple.

Andy Ngo Attacked and Assaulted by Antifa – Antifa Attacks Journalist

On June 29, 2019, Andy was attacked by Antifa activists on the streets of Portland during a Saturday afternoon protest. The attackers wore black clothing and masks. They were engaging in a counter-protest against several right-wing groups, including the Proud Boys.

Andy attended the protest as a journalist, covering the event. He is known for documenting Antifa activities and has criticized their illiberal tactics on Fox News. On his Twitter bio, he writes that he is hated by Antifa.

According to a video shared by Jim Ryan, who is also a reporter, it shows Andy being punched and kicked by masked protestants dressed in black and then being hit by various containers of liquid as he is retreating.

Andy on his Twitter account said he was bleeding and that the attackers had stolen his camera equipment. He also did a live stream describing the assault.

He was later taken to the hospital update on his GoFundMe page read; “UPDATE 7:15pm Eastern: Andy is in the ER with a trusted friend. Attackers tore his ear lobe and you can see the injuries he sustained to his face and neck.”

According to lawyer Harmeet Dhillon, he is “admitted to the hospital overnight as a result of a brain bleed.”

What is Antifa

Antifa is a sort form of anti-fascists. It refers to a broad group of people whose political beliefs lean toward the left — often the far left — but do not conform with the Democratic Party platform.

Many members of the group support oppressed populations and protest the amassing of wealth by corporations and elites. According to CNN majority of the members “don’t fall into a stereotype. Since the election of President Donald Trump, however, most new Antifa members are young voters.”

The exact origin of the group is unknown but it can be traced to Nazi Germany and Anti-Fascist Action, a militant group founded in the 1980s in the United Kingdom.

Most of the members dress head to toe in black. Members call this the “Black Bloc.” They also wear masks to conceal their identities from the police and whomever they are protesting.

The group has been known for causing damage to property during protests. One person who was involved with Antifa for almost 30 years, said members use violence as a means of self-defence and they believe property destruction does not equate to violence.

“There is a place for violence. Is that the world that we want to live in? No. Is it the world we want to inhabit? No. Is it the world we want to create? No. But will we push back? Yes.”

Brian Levin, director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, said Antifa activists feel the need to partake in violence because “they believe that elites are controlling the government and the media. So they need to make a statement head-on against the people who they regard as racist. There’s this ‘It’s going down’ mentality and this ‘Hit them with your boots’ mentality that goes back many decades to confrontations that took place, not only here in the American South, but also in places like Europe.”

Andy Ngo GoFundMe

A GoFundMe page was created by Michelle Malkin, who is a far-right activist, on behalf of Andy Ngo. The money is meant for his “his security and medical needs, and to help him replace his stolen equipment.”

Michelle also wrote; “I said during my CPAC speech earlier this year that we need to stand with those reporting and fighting on the front lines. Andy is one of the intrepid journalists doing the job no one else will do.

I’ve been in touch with him and he has given me the green light to create this fund. All funds will help him continue his invaluable work. We need him back in action ASAP.”

The goal for the page was $50,000 and at the time of publication, the amount had already exceeded and was at more than $62,000.

Andy’s lawyer also appreciated Michelle’s effort to support Andy.

Andy Ngo YouTube

Andy Ngo Twitter

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