Anxiety in children is common mostly affecting the adolescent age


Anxiety in children is common mostly affecting the young age. The effects on teenagers are due to the urge to know several things and make several decisions in life. Children falling under this age bracket have their lives revolving around the social media platforms, school and family pressure. They have to make several decisions about their lives, and this creates worries and anxiety. In this paper, a brief discussion on the reasons for anxiety disorders in children and available remedies to the same.
Amy Ellis Nutt discusses the reasons why kids and teens face more anxiety these days. According to several research and scholars; social media, school and the environments, the kids are raised play a central role in the rise in anxiety disorder in teenagers. Marco Grados gives an even elaborate explanation of the effects on social media. Most teenagers have worries about whether they are better than others or not. They will post their ideas or images on several platforms and gauge on who will like their posts, who will give a comment and is the feedback positive or negative. Social media offers kids a hard time to avoid anxiety which in severe cases affects their self-esteem.

Grados also gives an account of school as another reason for the rising anxiety disorder in teenagers and kids. In schools, much is expected of the learners that they end up getting worried. The level of competition in the schools, choosing careers and classroom pressure has played a vital role in the increased anxiety. Teenagers tend to get mix advice from parents and relatives on career and professional courses; this gives them a hard time to choose between on career and the other. They also have to balance between their co-curriculum and curriculum activities in school. They have to perform in all the activities hence overworking them.

The environment that children are brought up also has a part to play in children anxiety levels. According to Phillip Kendall, the situation that kids are brought up is volatile. There are wars in every corner of the world. Everything seems fictions. In some parts, schools do not operate, and there are no essential amenities provided. People are ever worried about what will happen in the next second. These situations lead to the rise of anxiety disorder in teenagers as they try to make meaning of life. Wondering what their future holds for them.

Anxiety is placed into three main categories. According to the national institute of mental health, these categories are; generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and social anxiety disorder. These conditions are mostly affecting teenagers. They may be due to the pressure in school, environment that the teenagers are brought up in and the social media. They change the ordinary life of the children, and in some cases, the children behavior are out of proportion to their age bracket. The symptom differs from one category to another.

Symptoms in the general anxiety range from sleeping problems, easily irritated and difficulty in concentrating and feeling restless. Characteristics of panic disorder include excessive worries and unable to control panic attack, fear of place that panics attack happened and repeated concerns. The social anxiety disorder attributes include avoiding people, being unsocial, feeling nervous and blushing and fear or worrying about a coming event for days. All these symptoms can be controlled by involving yourself in self-help groups to share your experience; stress management can also help cope with the symptoms and avoiding caffeine which has been found to worsen these conditions.

In conclusion, almost every child can be diagnosed with anxiety disorder. This is because children are always anxious about the thing they have never seen or meet or being involved. Being born in a chaotic environment is not by choice, every child must receive the primary education and choose a career, and with the rise in technology, it is hard to stop a child from joining the social media platforms. It is, therefore, the mandate of the parents and the guardians to give the children the guidance they need through every stage of life. Guidance and counseling will reduce their worries and hence build a community that is free from the anxiety disorder.

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