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Arthur Mafokate Biography

Arthur Mafokate is a South African Kwaito musician and producer born on 10th July 1962 in Soweto, Gauteng Province. His father is Enos Mafokate, an Olympic equestrian and philanthropist. He is also known as ‘King Kwaito’ and is the founder of the 999 Music Label.

Arthur Mafokate Age

He was born on 10th July 1962 in Soweto, South Africa.

Arthur Mafokate Net worth

Arthur is estimated to have a net worth of R22 Million.

Arthur Mafokate Career

Arthur Mafokate began his career in music as a back up dancer for artists including Brenda Fassie, Monwa & Son and Johnny Mokhali. He won various competitions as a dancer including Shell Road to Fame and the Town Talk Pantsula Dance Competition.

In 1992 Arthur Mafokate started his own record label, 999 Music The label tore down economic barriers that hampered South African artists. He was the first artist to win song of the year at the South African Music Awards as voted for by the public.

In mid-1995 he produced his mega-hit Kaffir which was so controversial it was even banned by some radio stations despite the ban he sold 150,000 copies. While the song itself is notable musically for spearheading a new genre of music, its lyrics reflect the new freedoms that emerged after the political changes of 1994, including the implementation of a new constitution and democratic election system.[2] The title, “Kaffir,” is a derogatory term used mostly in South Africa as a racial slur to refer to black people. In his song, Mafokate protests against the use of the word “kaffir,” claiming that his employer (called “baas” or boss) would not like to be referred to as “bobbejaan,” or baboon.

A year later, he released various singles including Oyi Oyi, Die Poppe Sal Dans, Hayi Wena, Koti Koti and Yu Make Me Go Mmmm. In 1998 he won a SAMA award for Song Of The Year for Oyi Oyi.

Arthur Mafokate also has a Mr Soweto title under his belt and was a Mr South Africa runner-up. In 2005 he was a judge on’s Backstage EMI Superstar Search.

In 2016 he was recognised with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2016 Metro FM Music Awards. In early 2017 he turned his back on the music industry and gave all his artists clearances after quitting the music industry to pursue other interests.

In 2016 Arthur Mafokate began hosting his own celebrity talk show on SABC3, entitled A Date with Arthur, in which he interviews celebrities in his home in Midrand.

In late 2017 he bounced back to the music scene after pressure from the public to do so. In December 2017 he released a dud comeback album and signed new artist who includes Greensin December after seeing her perform at a church service at Tirano School of Repentance in Midrand.

Arthur Mafokate also owns Roadshow Marketing, Celebrity Bookings and a Construction Company called Shady Lanes.

Arthur Mafokate Children

Arthur Mafokate has three daughters Owami, Kelello and Onalenna and a son Arthur Mafokate Junior. .He managed to keep his youngest daughter Onalenna from the media.
‘It’s not like I kept her a secret, I would’ve kept all my children away from the spotlight if I could, but there was just no chance with Owami because her mother (Queen ‘Iyaya’ Sesoko) was famous and we couldn’t hide the fact we were expecting a child. When Kelello arrived it was obvious people should know Owamo, who had been an only child for while had a little sister. Now it’s Ona’s time’.

Kelly Khumalo and Arthur Mafokate Wedding

In August 2015 Arthur Mafokate and Kelly Khumalo sparked rumours about their wedding when they posted photos of their wedding. It was not an actual wedding tho as they were photos from a shoot for a new video.

Arthur Mafokate and Cici  Case on Assault

Songstress Busisiwe (Cici) Twala took to the dock at the Midrand Magistrates Court on Wednesday afternoon to give testimony in the assault trial against her ex-boyfriend and record label boss, Arthur Mafokate.

Mafokate was charged with assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, to which he pleaded not guilty.

During her testimony on the first day of the trial, Twala struggled to fight her emotions as she gave the court her version of events.

The court heard how Twala allegedly went to Mafokate’s house on June 1 last year to break-up with him.

“I was basically ending my relationship with him and I was picking up my belongings. The commotion started because I wanted to end the relationship and he didn’t want me to call an Uber,” she said.

Twala claims that as she was packing her belongings, Mafokate asked to discuss their relationship and took her phone away as she was about to request the cab. She then alleges he got into his car with her phone.

“I tried to open the driver’s door and found it was locked. He still had my phone. He then pulled away from the garage and I was still holding onto the door handle of the car and asking for my phone. I saw he had no intention to stop,” she told the court.

She said she tried to pull her hand away, but it got caught because she was wearing a chunky ring.

“As he accelerated, I grabbed on with both hands because my right arm may be dislocated. I fell on the ground while he continued driving. I tried to stand up but couldn’t. I dragged myself to the nearest residence”.

Twala was then apparently rushed to hospital by a friend of the record label boss and was told she had a broken pelvis and would need surgery.

The trial continues.

Source: Times Live

Arthur Mafokate Songs

1. Kaffir
2. Oyi Oyi
3. Vuvuzela
4. Khauleza
5. Oyi, Oyi – Kwaito
6. Yiyo Lendawo
7. Mnike
8. Ayaphanda
9. Oyi, Oyi
10. Oyi, Oyi (Kwaito)
11. Viva Kwaito
12. Haai Bo
13. Chomi
14. Zombo
15. Die Poppe Sal Dans
16. I like the way
17. President
18. Sika Lekhekhe
19. music is my game
20. Twalatsa
21. Vuvuzela Remix President music video
22. I like the way featuring Lond
23. Daai Ding
24. You make me go mmm
25. Daai Dang
26. Oyi Oyi – Kwaito
28. Yu Make Me Go Mmm
29. Sika Lekhekhe feat Thousand
30. Kaffer
31. Kwaito
32. Sikkelekeke
33. Poppe Dans
34. Cellular
35. Die Pope Sal Danse
36. Arthur & Kelly Khumalo – Nguye Lo
37. Mnike Remix
38. Celebrate (Good Times) feat Thiwe
39. Oyi Oyi(maestro Mix)
40. Yenza K’phela
41. Madiba Skit – Kwaito (2)
42. Julie Maak My Mal
43. Julle Maak Me Mal
44. K’sala Abasalayo
45. Madiba Skit
46. Bang’ umsindo
47. S******
48. Sika Lekhekhe (2006 remix)
49. Gibela Phezulu
50. Pule Pule

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