ASAP ROCKY Response To Alleged Sex Tape Leak


A video of a man which the internet claims to be of rapper Asap Rocky leaked online late last night in a video that was reportedly originally shared on Porn Hub.

Reason why the video was believed to be Asap Rocky

The  reason the why  Twitterworld believes it is Rocky is because over several tattoos, one across his chest which seems to read “ASAP” and a possible other tattoo on his left hand.

ASAP Rocky did not responded immediately on that allegation. Twitter world reactions to the video has been filled with jokes and GIFS.


Take a look at what the Twitterworld had to say


There were many reactions on the leaked video, some of them include;



just saw asap rocky’s sextape ima drop the link, but it isn’t anything impressive


8:16 AM – Dec 19, 2019



moni tenderoni 


Asap Rocky is a PRIME example of how some of you niggas call yourselves sex addicts. hoot and holler all about your sex game. meanwhile you serving up mediocre peen. Tuh.


1:11 PM – Dec 19, 2019




Asap Rocky has been relatively quiet for the majority of the day but he finally hit Twitter to address the madness. Clearly, he’s shrugging off the criticism if it is him in the first place.The rapper speaking as his penis’ defense attorney, denied “any slow strokes or lack of killing the pussy.”MY PENIS AND I WOKE UP 2 THE ALARMING DISTURBANCE OF A VIDEO CLIP 2DAY,” he began. “AS HIS DEFENSE ATTORNEY WE’RE PREPARED 2 DENY ANY SLOW STROKES OR LACK OF KILLIN THE PUSSY .A LONG LIST OF SATISFIED WOMEN CAN ATTEST TOO,” he continued. “BUT THE REAL PUNCHLINE IS SEEING PPL WHO NEVER FUCKED HIM RATE HIM.”

Twitterworld Reactions

Despite tweeting this out, the rapper Asap Rocky was still getting trolled on Twitter. Some people claimed he was lying, others wanted to be added to the “long list of satisfied women”



Well at least we know ASAP Rocky practices safe sex.

Who’s Mans


Replying to


Her: how small ASAP:



Replying to


Bad sex. But safe. Another celebrity crush bites the dust. Riri the only one left and she no wan drop album










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