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Babes Wodumo Biography

Babes Woduwo whose real name is Bongekile Simela is a South African Gqom musician and dancer born on 26th July 1994 in Lamontville, Durban in South Africa. She is popularly known for her hit song ‘Wololo’. She was featured in Black Panthers soundtrack ‘Redemption’.

Babes Wodumo means “Fame Babe”. and she says when she was born, there was a group called The Babes and she had eyes like one of its members, which her father always referred to and said “Lo uw’Babes’ (this one is Babes).” The ‘Wodumo’ part of her stage name, which means “of fame”, came because she used to do dancing, acting, soccer, athletics, and was good at them all and became famous for them.

Babes Wodumo Age

24 years as of 2019; she was born on 26th July 1994.

Babes Wodumo Early Life

Babes Wodumo father is Bishop Welcome Simelane, the leader of the Lamontville Mount Zion Faith Mission. She grew up in in the township of Lamontville with her grandmother and in a flat in the city center of Durban with her parents. She has a sister, Nonduh Simelane, who has a striking resemblance to. After her finishing high school Babes Wodumo went to the University of South Africa but later dropped out. “After my matric, I did it for a year with Unisa. But I dropped out because I didn’t like it. As much as I love people, I also love entertainment.”

Babes Wodumo Career

Babes Wodumo joined a music group Kwaito Super-group from where she rose to fame. She made her big break when she appeared on the music video of Kwaito super-group, Big NUZ. She says that she almost missed it due to a disagreement with her manager.

“My agent says I talk too much. He said I’d get there and start asking about money and when I would get paid. I then said, ‘Okay, fine. I won’t go’,” Babes Wodumo said in an interview with the Sunday World.

On the day of the shoot, the agent called her begging her to go to the shoot, but she refused because she was angry. “He then begged my father, who agreed that I can go as long as I wear shorts on top of a bikini,” she told the Sunday World. Babes Wodumo got there with a friend, all hyped up and loud. This drew Mampitsha’s (of Big NUZ) attention.

“He kept looking at me and laughing. From there, we started talking as friends. Then two years down the line, he invited me to the studio and we took it from there,” Babes Wodumo told the Sunday World in an interview.

Babes Wodumo Album

In 2016 Babes Woduwo realesed her debut album Gqom Queen vol.1

Babes Wodumo Songs

  1. Wololo
  2. Umngan’wami
  3. Wololo (feat. Mampintsha)
  4. Amatsegetsege
  5. Mercedes
  6. Family
  7. Gandaganda (Feat. Mampintsha, Madanon)
  8. Wololo – D’banj Remix
  9. Jiva Phez’kombhede (Feat. Mampintsha, Ntando
  10. Nkabinde
  11. Uyang’phazamisa
  12. Ngangingekho
  13. Thobeka
  14. Umngan’wami (feat. Mampintsha)
  15. Redemption
  16. Thula Wazi
  17. Nkabinde (feat. Mampintsha)
  18. Intombi Yesgebengu
  19. Ching Chong
  20. Kuth’angkhulume
  21. Uyang’phazamisa (feat. Mampintsha)
  22. Intombi Yesgebengu (feat. Mampintsha)
  23. Wololo (D’banj Remix)
  24. Family (feat. Mampintsha & C***per Nyovest)
  25. Amatsegetsege (feat. Mampintsha & DJ Tira)
  26. Ching Chong (feat. Mampintsha)
  27. Buyisa uBabes Wodumo
  28. Ka Dazz
  29. Amatsegetsege (feat. Mampintsha, DJ Tira)
  30. Thula Wazi (feat. Mampintsha, Scoop & Kholwan
  31. Mercedes (feat. Madanon & Mampintsha)
  32. Thobeka (feat. Mampintsha, Madanon & DJ Tira)
  33. Umzabhabha Remix (Feat. Mampintsha)
  34. Angisona (Feat. Mampintsha)
  35. Ngangingekho (feat. Mampintsha & DJ Sox)
  36. Umnganami
  37. Thobeka (feat. Mampintsha, Madanon, DJ Tira)

Babes Wodumo Black Panther

Babes Woduwo was featured one one of the Black Panther Sound track by Kendrick Lamar ‘Redemption’. She did an interview on how she landed on the track

Q: How did you get on the Black Panther soundtrack?

Babes Woduwo: Well, they [someone from Kendrick Lamar’s management team] emailed me. They said they need me for the Kendrick Lamar album. I was like, “No. This was a lie.” As time went on, I was like, “Oh my word. Is this happening?”

Q: Had you worked with Kendrick Lamar previously or was this totally out of the blue?

Babes Woduwo: No. I haven’t. I was so surprised. I’m a girl from Africa. My genre is gqom music. They call me gqom queen. I was too shocked. Kendrick Lamar and me? Hip-hop and gqom?! What? I’m so happy. It’s such a privilege and an honor.

Q: Working on a soundtrack, did you watch Black Panther in advance? Were you a fan of the character from comics?

Babes Woduwo: I didn’t know about the movie or anything. I didn’t know anything. They told me it was about Black Panther. Like, I didn’t know. On Thursday, I’m gonna view it. I was like, “Aye man. Why me?” I think it was favor from God. I think God chose me. Of all people in Africa, of all girls in Africa, he chose me. That makes me want to rejoice and want to say, “Thank you God” and praise him every day.”

Q: How was the song recorded?

Babes Woduwo: They sent me the beat that day.

Q: For those who may not be familiar with your music Stateside, when did you start recording?

Babes Woduwo: 2015. I was a dancer, actually. I used to dance for gqom artists. Everything happened quickly. People fell in love with Babes– with my music, with my dance. I’m so in love with what I do. I’m not doing it for money. I’m doing it because I love it. It’s my passion.

Q: How would you describe gqom for those that don’t know the genre?

Babes Woduwo: Gqom music is EDM from Africa. It’s raw. It’s a sound that you’ll never hear. It’s so fresh. It’s a youth genre. People here in Africa, they’ll tell you, “Ah! You know Babes Wodumo? The Gqom Queen.” I broke the sound. I broke everything. That’s why I’m so passionate. You’ll see. You’ll see what is gqom. If I come there, I’ll show you what is Babes Wodoma and what is gqom.

Q: On that note, when can we hear more of you?

Babes Woduwo: I’m in the studio right now working on my second album, Gqom Queen Volume 2. I’ll travel a lot this year. I’m going overseas everywhere. It’s my wish to see Kendrick Lamar. You know, face-to-face. That is my dream. I haven’t seen him.

Q: What will you say when you see him?

Babes Woduwo: Just see him. Hug him. You know, I need advice in everything from him. I just wanna ask him, “How do you do it? How do you do it?” As artists, we have a lot of challenges. You can’t speak to whoever. I just want to ask him, “How do you do it?”

Babes Woduwo Boyfriend

Babes Woduwo has been romantically involved with her manager, Mandla ‘Mampintsha’ Maphumulo, but they never confirmed the relationship publicly. In June 2016 Babes posted a picture of herself with boyfriend Mampintsha in a Zulu traditional outfit and included an icon of a present and a bell. She had a ring on her wedding finger.

Mampintsha commented on the picture and said he was ”singing wololo”.

On his own Instagram page, Mampintsha shared the same picture and wrote in isiZulu: “I will be grateful when I receive it,” and also included an icon of a gift.

Babes Wodumo commented on the picture with an icon of a crown.

On April 2018 when Babes was asked by DRUM about her rin she confirmed that it was not an engagement. She said that it was just an accessory

“It’s not an engagement ring – it’s just swag.”

Her father, Mbongeni Simelane, made it very clear to DRUM that according to him Babes was neither engaged nor married because in his culture a man’s family needs to ask for the bride in a lobola ceremony and that hasn’t yet happened.

“To be engaged in my culture means a man sends his family to negotiate a prize for the bride and that has not happened for her,” he said.

Mbongeni says his daughter is responsible for her own life choices.

“If Babes wants to have a secret engagement or marriage, that’s her business. I can’t force my values on her because she’s old enough to decide for herself.”

In 2016 during an interview with DRUM Babes said she was engaged to her boyfriend of seven years who is also in the music industry but she doesn’t wear her ring to avoid being questioned about her mystery man.

Babes Wodumo confirms Mampintsha split amid abuse allegations

Johannesburg – Self-proclaimed Gqom queen Babes Wodumo on Friday revealed that she is no longer engaged to boyfriend Mampintsha as allegations of abuse emerged against the Kwaito star.

Babes revealed this during her interview on Metro FM’s The Drive with Mo Flava and Masechaba.

Speaking to the duo, Wodumo confirmed that the two had broken off their engagement.

“We were engaged but not anymore,” said Babes Woduwo.

She also addressed the engagement images, explaining that Mampintsha hacked into her social media and posted a picture of the couple during their engagement party, a picture she has since deleted.

Earlier this week, images and a video circulated on social media, showing Babes and Mampintsha with rings on their fingers.

This prompted speculation that the duo had secretly tied the knot and were expecting a baby.

Babes Woduwo denied the pregnancy allegations but remained mum on the rumours of marriage.

The Gqom queen was further pressed on her relationship with Mampintsha and at that point, Masechaba delved into the abuse Babes allegedly suffered at the hands of the Kwaito star.

“… it’s deeper than that and I can see it in your eyes that you’re still suffering and I don’t want you to continue suffering. Mampintsha has no right to put his hands on you, it’s unacceptable.”

Mo Flava then asked the starlet was doing about the alleged abuse, to which an emotional Babes responded: “I don’t know”.

Masechaba then went on to make more revelations, explaining that she had a close friend who allegedly took Babes in the day Mampintsha punched her in the face, leaving her bleeding.

“You don’t even know that I know that story… you don’t know that I know from someone else that he broke your leg. Babes we live in a country where women are getting killed… I’m happy you left that man.”

An emotional Babes, who neither confirmed or denied the allegations, cryptically said God would fight her battles for her.

Source: (18th May 2018)

Mampintsha response on Babes Wodumo abuse allegations

On 26th May 2018 Mampintsha posted on facebook saying

“No man finds comfort in discussing his private affairs in the public domain. In particular his love affairs. It is out of respect for our supporters and the people of South Africa in general that I make a reaction to the public hysteria emanating from the interview on Metro FM in which Babes Wodumo was hosted. This interview and the revelation that I have been physically abusing her, unfortunately, occurs amidst a public outcry on the increasing incidents of violence against women and many of which in recent months has led to the killing of women by their lovers. As a public figure and a man, I should be at the forefront of the campaigns against gender-based and domestic violence. I am no saint, nor do I plead absolute innocence in the claims made in that interview. I may have overreacted in a couple of incidents during our relationship with her over certain things I will not be comfortable to discuss in the public domain. I fully understand that no human being owns or is entitled to another and that every human being is at all times at liberty to take personal decisions, do what pleases him or her and pursue a life of his or her choosing irregardless of any commitment he or she may have with another person or the implications and impact those may have on the other person. Many have correctly and understandably took to social media platforms to vent their anger and disappointment after the interview. I want to apologise to South Africa for the disappointing you and discourage other men out there who may find themselves in my situation or a different one that challenges your emotional stability and restraint. No man has any right or justification to abuse a woman in any form whatsoever. I know for sure that there are many such cases happening out there that do not get to be known because of the absence of the motive, forces, and courage to get them known like mine. those too must stop. it would be great if the producers of that interview and other media outlets find equal interest and courage to research and broadcast all the women abuse cases out there whose perpetrators and victims are of no particular social standing. I want to assure South Africans, in particular, our supporters that violence is not in my character, especially towards women. like a human being in a relationship, I may have been overwhelmed by emotions and overreacted. where we come from with her, abusive wouldn’t best define the nature of our journey. We wouldn’t get this far. As for the accuracy of the abuse claims, the build-up to the interview, the motive, and the timing….is a matter I will leave to fate to decide its fate. everything you hear and everything you see, nothing is what it seems. out of respect for the relationship we had and for the people who supported us, I have chosen to not discuss this matter beyond this statement. ngiyaxolisa mina.UNKULUNKULU ASISIZE LESKHATHI.”

Babes Wodumo Assaulted by Boyfriend Mampintsha

On March 3rd, 2019, Babes Wodumo boyfriend Mampintsha was charged with assault after a video showed him hitting his girlfriend, who is also a popular musician. Mampintsha apologised but said he had acted in self-defence.


Bongekile Simelane, known by her stage name Babes Wodumo, was talking to fans on Instagram Live in a bedroom when she was slapped repeatedly.

The video, which was broadcast live on Sunday evening, was widely shared on social media sparking outrage and calls for Mampintsha’s arrest.

Babes Wodumo featured on the Black Panther soundtrack and has often collaborated with Mampintsha, including on one of her most popular songs, Wololo.

Mampintsha appeared in a Pinetown Magistrate’s Court in the coastal city of Durban, where he was charged with assault under South Africa’s domestic violence laws.

He told reporters outside the court that he had been asleep when Babes Wodumo arrived at their hotel room after a party.

“Babes arrived and she assaulted me. In my defence I hit her back,” he said after being freed on bail set at 2,000 rand ($140; £110).

“I made a mistake but no-one can accept to be attacked while asleep in bed. I’m sorry for my actions. I ask for forgiveness for raising my hand against her,” he added.

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