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Barbara Joyce Rupard Biography

Barbara Joyce Rupard Bio

Barbara Joyce Rupard is the wife to legendary country musician Roy Clark who is popular for hosting Hee Haw. They have been married for 61 years, by the time of Roy Clark’s death on 15th November 2018. More often than not Roy has credited his success to his wife.

Barbara Joyce Rupard Age 82 years as of 2018
Barbara Joyce Rupard Husband Roy Clark, they married in 1957 until Roy died on 15th November 2018.
Barbara Joyce Rupard Children Roy Clark II, Dr. Michael Meyer, Susan Mosier and Diane Stewart


Roy Clark’s Wife/ Roy Clark and Barbara Joyce Rupard

Roy Clark married Barbara Joyce in 1957 as his second wife after his first marriage failed. During an interview with PBS Roy revealed that he married his first wife at the age of 17 in 1950 and he put his music at a halt and worked as a carhop but that, as well as his first marriage, failed.

In 1957 when Roy and Barbara got married he had already gone back to music and was driving to gigs together with Barbara. In January 2014 Clark through Christian magazine revealed that Barbara almost died from an atopic pregnancy. He said they Barbara was driving when she said she couldn’t go anymore and that she felt something was terribly wrong. After he took her to a hospital he was told that she was bleeding internally and she needed to be operated.

Roy Clark and his wife Barbara Joyce Rupard
Roy Clark and his wife Barbara Joyce Rupard

‘Everything was happening so fast it all seemed like a nightmare. I went to an empty waiting room and slumped down in a chair, exhausted, confused and terribly frightened. Here I was in a strange town, far from home. I had hardly any money, didn’t know anyone, couldn’t call anyone.

The person I loved more than anyone in the world was desperately ill, maybe dying. Never in all my days had I felt so alone, so afraid, so helpless. So crazily did my mind begin to spin that before I knew it I found myself praying.

“Lord,” I said, “being a successful entertainer doesn’t seem so important to me now. I love Barbara … she means more to me than anything. She’s all I really care about. Please help her.”

The prayer sounded so peculiar coming from me, the big, thick-headed, obstinate guy who thought he had left God back there in Maryland.

Then a strange thing happened in that little Arkansas hospital’s waiting room. On the heels of my desperate prayer, a surge of warmth flooded my body, a feeling I’d never experienced before. It was like warm hands on cold flesh.

No longer did I feel alone in the room. Someone was there with me–a caring Presence. Then came a Voice, a comforting Voice, and to this day I swear it was God’s. “Barbara’s going to be all right,” the Voice said. “Just wait and see. Trust … believe…”

And with that, I knew she was going to be okay.

Just as the sun came peeping through the waiting room window, Doctor Gordy came back from the operating room.

“Mr. Clark,” he said, “your wife had a tubular pregnancy. We almost lost her in there. I don’t know how she made it, but she did.”’ Roy Clark said.

Roy credited his success to his wife, during an interview with Toledo Blade in 2014 he said; “She is as much responsible for this than anyone else. In 1960, it was just her and I on the road. She’d drive to one engagement and I’d sleep. Then I’d do my thing while she would sleep. We were on the road for 347 days that first year… My wife teases me because when I come back from a long trip, I have this guitar next to this chair I relax in and I’ll grab it and start to strum it. She’ll say ‘Don’t you ever get tired?’ And I’ll say, ‘No, I never get tired of music.’”

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