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Barry Plath Biography

Barry Plath is an American transportation planner and reality tv star. He is the patriarch of the ultra-conservative Plath family. Living in rural Georgia the 11 strong Path family follows their strict religious faith to the letter, even when it watching movies,  foregoing sugary drinks, and doing a lot more.

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Barry Plath Age, Birthday

Born on March 6, 1968, Barry is 53 years old as of 2021. He celebrates his birthday on March 6th each and his Zodiac sign is Pisces.

  • Date of birth: March 6, 1968
  • Age: `53 Years
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces

Barry Plath Height and Weight

Barry stands at an estimated height of 5 feet 11 inches tall. His weight is currently unavailable.

  • Height:5 feet, 11 inches tall.
  • Weight: N/A

Barry Plath Family

Barry is the patriarch of the ultra-conservative Plath family. The family consists of Barry his wife Kim and their nine children. Ben and his wife have largely forced their children to abstain from computers, tv, and soda.

Olivia, Ethan’s wife, has been a source of contention for Barry and Kim. According to CheatSheet, Olivia claimed in the comments section of an Instagram post in which she appeared to lay out all of the ways the Plaths had wronged her that it was Ethan’s parents who manipulated them into appearing on the show in the first place, promising their son he’d get to see his estranged siblings if they agreed to participate.

Barry Plath Job, What Does Barry  Do For A Living?

Barry works as a transportation planner but has earned so much more from his salary as a reality tv star. He has worked for the same private firm for over 25 years.

Barry Plath Wikipedia

Kim and Barry, according to their family website, homeschool their children and perform in a family band with them, which he apparently manages, and workday jobs. Barry is a transportation planner who has worked for “the same private firm for over 25 years,” while Kim is a naturopathic doctor. (This most likely means Barry has to use a computer for work, despite the fact that his children are mainly forbidden from doing so…)

According to Barry, his family farm is “paradise on Earth,” and you can stay there for about $100 a night, according to Soap Dirt, because the property is up for rent on Airbnb. The posting has sparked claims that the Plath family doesn’t truly live there full time, as they apparently bought a property in Cairo, Ga., in 2017, close to a number of large outlets and chain retailers like Walmart and Pizza Hut. This calls into question their rigorous way of life.

Barry Plath Salary

Barry earns an estimated annual salary of $83,000 a year working as a transportation planner and reality tv star.

Barry Plath Net Worth

Barry has an estimated net worth of $1 million or. His career as a reality tv star is his primary source of income.

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