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Benicio Bryant Bio/ Benicio Bryant Wiki

Benicio Bryant is an American singer and a contestant on season 14 of America’s Got Talent on NBC. He is also a finalist on The Voice Kids Germany where was a runner’s up.

Benicio Bryant Age/ Benicio Bryant Birthday

Benicio is 14 years old.

Benicio Bryant Nationality

Benicio is an American national.

Benicio Bryant Family

Benicio is the son of Jeremy his mother’s name is not revealed yet. His parents encouraged his musical career. During his days on The Voice Kids his father told Renton reporter that he was proud of all that Beni had accomplished;

“It’s been a crazy, exciting journey because Beni has been singing for so long now, and he’s always been performing at every family function. He sings on the table in front of people, so we kind of felt like this was the direction he was heading, but this Germany thing, like he was saying, it didn’t feel real at first.”

Benicio Bryant Male or Female/ Benicio Bryant Gender

According to his Facebook ‘About’ section, Benicio has indicated his gender as male.

Benicio Bryant Transgender

There is no information about Benicio ever being a transgender.

Benicio Bryant The Voice/  Benicio Bryant The Voice Germany

Benicio was a contestant on ‘The Voice Kids’ in Germany in 2018. He was discovered on his YouTube channel by ‘The Voice Kids’. They contacted his family and asked Beni to audition over Skype.

“Man, it was probably the craziest thing ever. It was shocking too because like at first we kind of thought it was a joke and just like a prank call, but it wasn’t, it was like for real, it was so cool.”

Three weeks after the Skype audition, together with his family, they went to Germany.

“It’s just like TV you know, you see it on TV and it’s the exact same thing and all of the coaches are really famous and, I really didn’t know who they were, but it was cool seeing the audience react to them when they were sitting in the seats, it was really cool.”

He auditioned with the song ‘Bird Set Free’ by Sia. Once he finished singing all the judges turned around for him. The judges began to speak German and Beni didn’t understand a thing of what they were saying so he asked for them to speak English. The next hardest part for him was choosing a judge to be his coach. All the judges wanted to coach him but he ended up picking Max Giesinger, a singer-songwriter from Waldbronn, Germany.

He later said the reason why he chose Max is that he was like Ed Sheeran; “I choose Max. I feel like he’s kind of like if I was comparing him to an American singer he would be like an Ed Sheeran. He’s really cool and I choose him because I felt like he was very confident.”


Benicio Bryant National Anthem

Benicio sang the national anthem before the Seattle Mariners took 9n the Baltimore Orioles

 AGT Benicio Bryant/ Benicio Bryant America’s Got Talent

Benicio auditioned for America’s Got Talent season 14 on the episode that aired on NBC on June 4, 2019. He auditioned with the song ‘Th Joke’ by Brandi Carlile. He received a standing ovation from all the judges adter the performance.

It isn’t the first time for him to sing that song as he was even joined by Carlile herself to perform the song on Late Night With Seth Meyers in July 2018 after he made it to the finals on The Voice Kids in Germany.

Carlile said; “Benicio understands this song on a level I can only imagine. When he sings it, it comes to life in a new way for me. He won’t be 13 forever, and he knows how it ends.”

Benicio Bryant Judge Cuts

On August 6 episode of AGT Benicio performed an original song ‘Here Goes Nothing’ which impressed the judges making it to the final cuts.

Benicio Bryant Instagram


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Benicio Bryant Youtube

Benicio has a self-titled Youtube channel where he posts cover songs. His channel has more than 19000 subscribers.

Benicio Bryant Twitter

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