Best Android Apps 2018


Android still led in the OS market primarily because unlike other OS; it has one of the most extensive selections of apps. The app market is not static, and each day, there are tons of innovations concerning various sets of apps, their interface with the users and also their compatibility with different phones. Based on the app’s compatibility with various android makes and advancements on what the app can do, the following is a list of 2018 best apps.


The ideal android experience is devoid of additional ads. Ads can distract you while using your phone to submit work or while talking to family. The traditional way of handling ads is by manually canceling them which distracts you more. Fortunately, this app is for that purpose. The app comes in both paid and free versions and works perfectly for all the available browsers available for Android. The reason why this app is the best in this year’s apps is the fact that it blocks all the ads regardless if they are pop-ups or banners types of ads. The other reason why this app is a must-have in this era of malware distribution is the fact that you will be safe from all cybercrimes by just having a simple app.


A phone in the current technology phase is more than just a communication tool. We can organize all the day meetings, programs only by having this app. The app has the background of the traditional diary that enables people to have a planned and smooth day. With similar types of apps available, this app stands out in four key areas. First, it allows one to have a passcode where they can protect their privacy and content of the app details. Second, the app has one of the best-customized fronts which makes the general look of the digital diary to be beautiful. Third, it has an option where one can have a quick review of other days’ plans. Fourth, the app gives the user the ability to create an identity similar to an account.

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