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Bill Wichrowski Biography

Bill Wichrowski is an American naval member, a commercial fisherman, best known for appearing in the American T.V show, Deadliest catch. He was born and raised with his parents in  Irwin Pittsburg in the USA.His age now ranges from 64  to  69. He was born on 25th May.

Bill Wichrowski Age

Bill was born in Irwin Pittsburg in the United States Of America. Bill has not disclosed his exact date of birth, however, he celebrated his birthday on 25th May. His birth sign is Gemini, as he celebrates his birthday on the 25th May of every year. His age is estimated to be around 64-69 years.

  • Year of birth: N/A
  • Date of birth:25th May
  • Age :around 64-69
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini

Bill Wichrowski Weight and Height

Bill is 6 feet and 3 inches tall and weighs 84 kg. He also has grey hair, both the beards and of the head.

  • Weight: 84kg
  • Height: 6feet and 3 inches tall
  • Hair color: grey

Bill Wichrowski Family, Parents, and Siblings

Bill loves his parents a lot, as he posts them frequently on his social media sites, although he has not disclosed their names. Later his mother died and he seemed so disturbed from that. He has not disclosed further information about his parents, siblings, and relatives, but shall be disclosed as soon as it is available.

Bill Wichrowski Wife

Bill is married to Karen Gillis .they are blessed with three children, Zach Larson, a son, Delia a secondborn daughter, and Jake the younger son, however, Zach the eldest son, is of his ex-wife. His wife is more into matters concerning beauty and she is young and pretty from the looks. Information about them exchanging rings as a couple is not disclosed but shall be updated as soon as it is known.

Bill Wichrowski Education

Bill finished his high school studies at Norwin high school. He later joined the navy on the west coast some years later after his service in the military ended, he made himself busy in the Berlin sea.

Bill Wichrowski Surgery, Alive or Died

Bill had a major hip issue, that forced him to go the surgery, from season 14 of the deadliest series. His surgery was done successfully since he can now sit well for some hours and grab some fish. he as well as seen in the next season of 15. Bill is therefore as he survived the surgery and did not die.

Bill Wichrowski Career

Bill worked as an American navy member, then later after he was done with his service in the military, he opted to start working on the Bering sea to become Alaska’s crab fisherman. Despite that, Bill is an actor who appears on the American T.V show, Deadliest show.

Bill Wichrowski Instagram

Bill has 52k followers, following 284 with 325 posts @captainwildbill_official. in his Instagram page.

Bill Wichrowski Net Worth

Bill has made a good fortune from being Alaska’s crab fisherman’s captain. Apart from that, Bill was once an American Navy member. He is also a cast member who appears on the American television show, Deadliest show, whereby his salary per month is $300,000.His Net worth is therefore estimated to be around $3m.

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