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Billy Brown Biography

Billy Brown (Billy Bryan Brown) is an American reality television personality born on 12 March 1952 in Fort Worth, Texas USA. He is a cast member of the Alaskan Bush People on the Discovery Channel.

Billy Brown Alaskan Bush Age

67 years old as of 2019; born on 12th March 1952.

Billy Brown Family/ Billy Brown Alaskan Bush People Parents

Billy is the son of Kathryn and Billy Joe Brown. His father was a businessman and provided them with a luxurious lifestyle. Billy had one sibling a sister Kathy Jean Brown. In 1969 his whole family perished in a plane crash. They were travelling when the private plane they were travelling in across Texas was caught in a thunderstorm which resulted in the clash.

After the death of his parents, he was lied into signing an emancipation document which left him homeless and penniless.

Billy Brown First Wife

In 1969, the same year his family perished, Billy married his first wife and used to live in a trailer and held odd jobs. The two were married for five years before they divorced. In their 5 years of marriage they had two children but following their divorce, his wife left with the kids and he has never had an encounter with them.

Billy Brown Wife

After his first wife left Billy moved from town to town without a permanent place to live and did menial jobs, which was enough only for food. He later met Ami and they got married on 16th June 1979. At the time Billy was 26 while Ami was 15.

Billy Brown Children

Billy together with his wife Ami has seven children; five sons, and two daughters named Matt, Bam, Gabe, Bear, Noah, Bird, and Rainy.

Billy Brown Alaskan Bush family
Billy Brown Alaskan Bush family

Billy Brown Books/ Billy Brown Alaskan Bush People Author

  1. One Wave At A Time
  2. Teacher of the Old Code

Billy Brown Alaska

In the mid-1980’s Billy decided to move to Alaska together with his wife and his children, at the time they were just two. They settled on isolated Mosman Island where they were stranded for 18 months. They later managed to reach Port Protection and continued with their lives in the Alaskan wilderness.

Ten years later Billy built a house in Haines but it was unfortunately burnt to the ground following an accidental fire. Billy felt frustrated and even left Alaska. He took his family to Seattle. He began writing stories about his life and recording them on CDs which led him to publish his first memoir “One Wave At A Time”, which soon brought him popularity within the US. He later followed it with a second book “Teacher of the Old Code”.

His first book brought him to the attention of the Discovery Channel who finally found a home for his family in Alaska.

Billy Brown Alaskan Bush People

Discovery Channel gained interest in Billy’s story and offered him a reality TV show ‘Alaskan Bush People’ which would follow the family’s daily activities in Alaska. At first, Billy and his family moved north where they would build shelters against the harsh winters before finally settling in Hoonah on Chicagof Island.

Billy Brown Net Worth/ Billy Brown Alaskan Bush People Net Worth

Billy has an estimated net worth of $60 million.

Billy Brown Arrest

In 2014 Billy and his son were sentenced to 30 days in jail after they were charged with receiving money for living in Alaska yet they had moved back to the lower 48 states. He falsified the documents between 2010 and 2013. Billy pleaded guilty alongside his son Joshua to lying on PFD forms, which lessened the fine to an ankle monitor instead of jail time. They did 40 hours of community service while their dividend form has been cancelled for their lifetime.

Billy Brown Hospitalized/ Billy Brown Health/ Alaskan Bush People Billy Brown Health

According to the Sunday night episode (24th March 2019) it seems like Billy Brown is suffering from a serious health crisis as the preview shows the entire family looking worried. On the preview Billy is unable to catch his breath and tells everyone he’s having a problem breathing and some of the Brown children tell the Alaskan Bush People camera operators to kill the cameras.

While getting Billy out of the house he at one point faints and they finally get him into a vehicle and then the next Alaskan Bush People scene is in the hospital.

At the hospital Billy says two doctors told him ‘no way’ which he follows with “you guys have to finish what we started.” The family members seem to be worried about Billy as they all have tears flowing down their face.


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