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Bob Woodward Biography – Wiki

Bob Woodward is fa famous American Journalist best known for his investigative skills. Bob is well known by many for his good reporting and book writing. Bob Woodward known by many his birth is Robert Upshur Woodward. His father was a lawyer and as every dad, he hoped that Bob would want to follow in his footsteps to become one too, but Bob had journalism on his mind.

Bob Woodward Birthday/Age

Robert Upshur Woodward was born in 1943 Geneva, Illinois by his parents Jane and Alfred Woodward. Robert Upshur Woodward celebrates his birthday every 26 of the year 2020 Robert is 77 years old. He has written 18 books for The Washington Post Since

Bob Woodward Height

Woodward is a famous book writer and a very good investigator, he a very good American height that makes him look so elegant and charming, though his actual height is not recognized and his weight is not known about but once we have the detail we’ll update soon.

Bob Woodward Education

Woodward did his learning at Wheaton Community High School which is a public high school located at Wheaton, Illinois where he graduated in 1961 and enrolled in Yale College which is an undergraduate college located in New Haven, Connecticut US which was founded in 1701. It recognized for being one of the most prestigious colleges. The school motto is Light and Truth. He received his B.A. degree in 1965.

After Yale, Woodward started a five-year tour of duty in the United States Navy. During his service in the Navy, Woodward was serving as the USS Wright and was one of two officers assigned to move or handle nuclear launch codes that Wright carried in its capacity as a National Emergency Command Post Afloat (NECPA).

After being discharged as a lieutenant in August 1970, Woodward was admitted to Harvard Law School in 1970 but elected not to attend. Whereby he later applied for a job as a reporter for The Washington Post while taking graduate courses in Shakespeare and international relations at George Washington University.

Bob Woodward Family

Woodard was born by his Mother Jane Upsur and Father Alfred E.Woodward, he has a very beautiful cherishing wife known as Elsa Walsh and has these two charming baby girls Diana Woodward and Taliesin Woodward.

Bob Woodward Relationship

Woodward has been in three marriage relationships three. His first marriage to Kathleen Middlekauff who is an English professor, who was her highschool lover they got married from 1966–1969.
His second marriage as with Frances Kuper from 1974–1979. The third time he got married to Elsa Walsh In 1989, who is a famous writer for The New Yorker and the author of Divided Lives: The Public and Private Struggles of Three American Women.

Bob Woodward Wife

Bob spouse is recognized as Elsa Wash for more information click on this link to get more concerning her,

Bob Woodward Net Worth

Robert Upshur Woodward well known for his good profession of good writing skills, he is a writer, editor, and an investigative journalist he has a net worth of 15 Million.

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