Cameron Carter (Lauren London and Lil Wayne Son) Age, Siblings, Dream


Cameron Carter Biography

Cameron Carter (Cameron Lennox Carter) is the son of actress Lauren London and rapper Lil Wayne. He was born on 9th September 2009 in Los Angeles.

Cameron Carter Age

9 years old as of April 2019; he was born on 9th September 2009.

Cameron Carter Parents

Cameron was born to actress Lauren London and rapper Lil Wayne. London was once engaged to Lil Wayne but they split up in January 2008 four months after London’s pregnancy was confirmed. They, however, decided to raise their son together despite having broken up. Many people didn’t know the two were in a relationship and some people even accused London of getting pregnant after a one night stand.

During an interview with Kathleen Cross London debunked the rumours when she was asked what misconception bothers her the most.

“That my son is the result of some kind of one-night stand or groupie encounter with his father. I struggle with deciding when to answer or ignore the constant speculation about my private life, because I feel like that doesn’t belong to anybody but me.

I met Dwayne when I was 15 years old. I’ve known him a very long time, and we were in a relationship that didn’t make it. We tried more than once to revive it, and we were engaged briefly years ago, but we eventually parted ways. People see the ‘Lil’ Wayne’ persona and think they know who he really is. My son’s father is an intelligent, loving, and lovable person who will always be a dear friend. That is all.”

In 2016 Lil Wayne took Kameron to a basketball game in Los Angeles which marked Kameron’s first public appearance.

Cameron Carter Siblings

Kameron has three half-siblings from his father’s side: Reginae Carter (b.1998), Dwayne Michael Carter III (b.2008) and Neal Carter (b.2009) and one-half sibling from his mother’s side, Kross.

Cameron Carter Dream about Nipsey

On 11th April during the memorial service of Nipsey Hussle, he said that he had a dream on the night of April 2 where he was in paradise with Nipsey.

“On the night of April 2nd, I had a dream I was in a paradise,” said Cameron. “I was in paradise and I was playing in the ocean water when Ermias popped up right behind me. He said ‘Waddup killa,’ cause that’s my nickname to him. I turned around and I yelled his name and I gave him a hug. Shortly, he was gone but it was still cool, I guess. I told my mom about the dream and after I told her, I was thinking about it and I realized that Ermias told me what heaven was like. He told me it was paradise.”

Nipsey was an American rapper who was shot multiple times outside of his shop, The Marathon Clothing, in Los Angeles on 31st March 2019.  Nipsey was in a relationship with London (Kameron’s mother) and they shared a son together.


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