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Carlton Pearson Biography

Carlton Pearson Bio

Carlton D’metrius Pearson popularly known as Carlton Pearson is an  American award-winning vocalist and former fourth-generation Pentecostal preacher. He was one of the most prominent African- American Pentecostal and a gospel singer. He spent forty years preaching on Trinity Broadcasting Network, the largest Christian television network at the time. He also hosted Azusa, a conference for fellow Pentecostalists, for fifteen years.

Carlton Pearson Age He was born on 19th March 1953 in San Diego, California, US (65 years as at 2018)
Nationality American
Carlton Pearson Education Oral Roberts University
Carlton Pearson Net worth He has an estimated net worth of $100,000
Carlton Pearson Parents His father was Adam Louis Pearson, a preacher but he passed on.
Carlton Pearson Wife

At the age of 40 in September 1993 he married Gina Marie Gauthier, who is a life coach by profession but she later divorced him in August 2015.

Carlton Pearson Children

He has two children; son, Julian D’Metrius Pearson, born on 9th July 1994 and a daughter, Majestè Amour Pearson born on 29th October 1996.

Carlton Pearson Books
  1. The Gospel of Inclusion: Reaching Beyond Religious Fundamentalism to the True Love of God, 2007. Azusa Press/Council Oak Books.
  2. God Is Not a Christian, Nor a Jew, Muslim, Hindu… 2010 Atria Books/Simon and Schuster.
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In the early 2000s he fell from Grace to grass after his 5,000 church members deserted him after he announced that he no longer believed in hell, this lead to fellow pentecostal bishops branding him a “card-carrying heretic”. He lost his 645-acre ranch and his church in Tulsa, Oklahoma faced foreclosure forming him to relocate.

He no preaches to a smaller congregation and says he loves his new life.

“I was loving my life, going all over the world and preaching to crowds as large as 250,000, and writing books, and I had award-winning albums. I had a great life, and I don’t regret one bit of it, But I wouldn’t go back. I’m still putting the pieces together, but it works for me. People thought I had lost my mind. I actually found my mind with all of this.”

Carlton Pearson Nobody Goes to Hell

Through the years he began studying the ancient Greek and Hebrew Scriptures and developed a cris of faith. He began agonizing over the fate of his non christian family members as his faith doomed them to hell.

“I couldn’t reconcile a God whose mercy endures forever, and this torture chamber that’s customized for unbelievers. How can you really love a god who’s torturing your grandmother? And that’s what I went through for years.”

The more he studied the Bible he saw it as the book by men about God as opposed to the wordof God. Men were prone to mistranslations, political agendas and human emotions.

He had an epiphany one night as he watched Peter Jennings’ report on the parade of suffering in Rwanda.

“I remember thinking that these were probably Muslims because God wouldn’t let that happen to Christians, Unbelieving Muslims, little starving babies and that they were going to die and go to hell. And that’s when I said, ‘God, how could you, how could you call yourself a loving God and a living God, and just let them suffer like that, then to suck them into hell?’ And that’s when I thought I heard an inner voice say, ‘Is that what you think we’re doing?’ I said, ‘That’s what I’ve been taught. You’re sucking them into hell.’ And that voice said, ‘Can’t you see they’re already there? That’s hell. You created that.'”

“The bitter torment of the idea of an angry, visceral, distant, stoic, harsh, unrelenting, unforgiving, intolerant God is hell. It’s pagan, it’s superstitious, and if you trace its history, it goes way back to where men feared the gods because something happened in life that caused frustration that they couldn’t explain.”

When he began sharing his message he was labelled heretic and his assistant pastors quit and his congregation dropped from 6,000 to less than 300.

“When people leave by the thousands, it’s like pulling clumps of your hair out at one time. It was hell. Now that’s hell. The people who created hell for me are people who used to love me and will call themselves followers of Christ. It wasn’t some secular, atheist, God-hating infidel that denounced me … my own brethren, with whom I sat, and ate, whose babies I dedicated.”

“Religion won’t let you love yourself. Religion is the accuser of the brethren, that’s what the devil is. It’s legal systems, religious dogmas that say you’re not good enough, you’re not God enough. People who believe in hell create it for themselves and others. People who believe in devils and demons become that in consciousness, and they act it out.”

Carlton Pearson Gospel of Inclusion

After his fall out with Pentecostal dominations he preaches what he calls ‘gospel of inclusion’. He says he believes that only a small subset of the population will receive salvation; instead, he has sought to build a more welcoming church, particularly by reaching out to the LGBT community. He said he now realizes LGBT people “need healing ministry and restorative ministry, because of the abuse that the church has given them.”

“Today Pearson’s ministry targets specifically and primarily the ‘un or less-churched.’ He makes his appeal to those who feel spiritually unresolved. His ministry now addresses issues of spiritual, social, moral, cultural, religious and political significance in a practical, yet provocative manner relating faith to culture. He likes to call himself a Sacred Activist and Spiritual Progressive and is a strong proponent of Justice and Peace issues,” his website reads.

Carlton Pearson Cancer

After he lost his congregation he agonized over his new belief.

“If you think I haven’t sat and asked God, ‘Am I crazy? I see you bigger and better but am I, am I gonna lead people to hell?’ Kill me God.”

Some people believe that his prayer was answered as he was diagnosed with prostrate cancer in 2005 which saw him hospitalized the same year. He got treated and the cancer is in remission.

Carlton Pearson Church/ The Higher Dimensions Worship Center

In November 2006, Pearson was recognized as a United Church of Christ serve.

In June 2008, the Higher Dimensions Worship Center moved its social occasions to the All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa. On September 7, 2008, Pearson held his last organization for the Higher Dimensions Worship Center, and it was devoured into the All Souls Unitarian Church.

The Christ Universal Temple (Chicago)

In May 2009, Pearson was named the between time minister of the Christ Universal Temple, a huge New Thought assembling in Chicago, Illinois. On January 3, 2011, it was represented that he had left this position.

New Dimensions Chicago and return to Tulsa

In 2014 Pearson returned to Tulsa to be with his powerless father who kicked the bucket two days after Pearson’s 62nd birthday. He began addressing at the 11 a.m. advantage at All Souls Unitarian Church on the third Sunday of the month, while up ’til now set out to Chicago to lecture once consistently at New Dimensions Chicago, the affiliation he set up there. Pearson in like manner began having a month to month chat with a guest before a live gathering of spectators at Tulsa’s “My Studio” in May 2015. His first dialog was with Neale Donald Walsch, author of the top of the line nine-book arrangement, Conversations With God.

Carlton Pearson Daughter/ Majeste Pearson

In June 2018 Carlton Pearson daughter, Majeste Pearson, auditioned for ‘The Four’ season 2. She shared a little bit about her background

“My dad was at the height of his career and suddenly he had a shift in his beliefs and decided that there was no Hell and that everybody was going to Heaven. The community labeled my father a heretic. We lost everything. I can’t even imagine all that he had to go through for him to still come home and smile. His heart and his determination has always been consistent and that’s what inspires me and I feel like it’s what I have because that’s my dad.”

Majeste sang Adele’s hit song “Someone Like You” and blew the judges away. She was voted to the net round where she battled Carvena Jones emerging the winner. She lost her seat to a new challenger Jesse Kramer.

Carlton Pearson Divorce

In 2015 Carlton’s wife, Gina Pearson, filed for divorce on August 25, 2015 citing “incompatibility issues which has completely destroyed the legitimate aims of the marriage of the parties and rendered its continuation impossible by reason of which petitioner is entitled to dissolution of marriage from respondent.”

Carlton Pearson New Movie Come Sunday 2018 On Netflix

Netflix’s new biopic, Come Sunday, relates the record of Carlton Pearson, a Pentecostal religious director who ended up one of the key African Americans to have a megachurch in Tulsa — and lost everything by changing his feelings. Decades after his horrifying foundation of incident and rejection, Carlton Pearson from Come Sunday now, in 2018, is so far addressing, yet with an endlessly sudden mentality in contrast with the one that started his calling.

As showed by his own particular site, Pearson today is developing a “multi-social and on a very basic level far reaching ‘Metacostal’ computerized gathering” that’ll empower him to spread his new, modernized message of affirmation and confidence, laced with finding that through the most significant feeling of being. He furthermore settled the Metacostal Network of Churches and Ministries, which embraces on an effective procedure to interfacing with Christianity.

It’s irrefutably as per the feelings showed up in Come Sunday, spouting April 13. While various priests in the overall public eye have faced examination due to shock including misappropriation or having illegal connections, Pearson’s bad behavior as per his gathering was addressing that there is no hellfire. As the film inconspicuous components, that turned out ineffectively too well, undoubtedly, and Pearson went up against a great deal of stun for his as of late found feelings.

Carlton Pearson Songs

  • Once Upon A Time
  • Heaven
  • I Have A Plan
  • Shout For Joy
  • My Turn on Earth
  • Everybody Ought To Have a Body
  • Choosing
  • My Story
  • The Golden Rule
  • Look for the Little Light
  • Opposition
  • Homesick
  • Where on Earth Can I Find Heaven
  • It Isn’t Good to Be Alone / Eternity Is You
  • Angel Lullaby
  • What Does it Take to Make a Family
  • I’m Not Ready
  • Forever
  • My Turn on Earth Finale
  • Church Medley
  • I Won’t Be Back (Sweepin’ Through the City)
  • Jesus Be a Fence Around Me
  • Mother Sherman Story
  • We’ll Understand It Better by and By
  • This Train
  • He Lives
  • Father, I Stretch My Hands to Thee
  • Take It by Force
  • Precious Memories
  • Hallelujah Is the Highest Praise
  • Is Your All on the Altar
  • Take a Walk With Me
  • Hallelujah Is the Highest Praise
  • The Presence of the Lord Is in This Place
  • He Lives
  • Jesus, I’ll Never Forget / He’s Done So Much For Me
  • Farther Along
  • Mother Sherman Story
  • We’ll Understand It Better by and By – (with Pop Winans)
  • This Train – (with Pop Winans)
  • In The Morning When I Rise / God’s Not Dead, He’s Yet Alive
  • I Know I’ve Been Changed – (with Beverly Crawford)
  • Intro to Donnie McClurkin
  • Living, He Loved Me (One Day) / Send It On Down / Power, Lord / Yes, Lord – (with Donnie McClurkin)
  • Father, I Stretch My Hands to Thee – (with Bishop Paul S. Morton)
  • Going to Heaven to Meet the King – (with Dorinda Clark-Cole)
  • Precious Memories


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