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Chanel Rion Biography

Chanel Rion is an American journalist, author and political illustrator. She serves as the White House Political Correspondent for One America News Network.

Chanel Rion Age

Chanel has not made her age public.

Chanel Rion Nationality

Chanel is an American national. She was born in Texas and grew up in Missouri, Texas, and Florida, and overseas—in France and South Korea.

Chanel Rion Height


Chanel Rion Heritage

Chanel is of mixed race, American-Korean.

Chanel Rion Education

Chanel was homeschooled except for her early schooling in France and debate camps at conservative America’s famous Patrick Henry College, near Washington D.C., according to her website. She is a Harvard trained International Relations graduate.

Chanel Rion Salary

There is no available information about how much Chanel’s earns as a OANN correspondent

Chanel Rion Net worth

Chanel’s net worth is under review.

Chanel Rion Family

Rion is the daughter of Dann O. Ryan and a South Korean mother whose name is unknown. Her father is a corporate lawyer and developer. Her parents met when her father was stationed in Korea with the U.S. Army.

She has two siblings, Channing and Baron. Along with her father and brother Baron, Rion wrote a book, , Lamonga: River of the Seven Spirits. A blurb for the book describes Dann O. Ryan as being “born in the American West and became as a small boy, a keeper and finder of relics and a minder of the lore of Indians and of the West that lived on in the heart of a past that could seem to a boy, glorious and near, and of spirits not far away.As a boy he trapped and hunted And spent winters in a tipi pitched by a creek. On the walls of his lodge nearby, he kept in frames of timber, nature and relics of time,and books of the West gone by.”

Chanel Rion Husband – Chanel Rion Courtland Sykes

Chanel is not married but she is engaged to Courtland Sykes. The couple met at a CIA recruiting event at Harvard, Sykes had previously seen Rion featured in a DeJour magazine article about conservatives on campus at Harvard. Sykes is a Navy veteran and a former United States Senate candidate for Missouri.


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Chanel Rion Sketches

Rion creates political cartoons under the label “The Left Edge.” The illustrations often support political conspiracies, including Pizzagate and that Hillary Clinton killed Seth Rich. Her work also criticizes public figures, including Harry Reid and James Comey. According to her website she has ‘become known as the best political illustrator in the country for constitutional conservative and anti-leftist causes and as President Trump’s most stalwart graphic warrior against leftism.’

She is the illustrator of the first three volumes of her traditional girl’s mystery series. “Chanel’s series promotes not only the spirit of the traditional family but the self-reliance, ingenuity, independence, and strength of American girls who believe in traditional homes, in conservative values, in having faith, and in having traditional lives and futures that encourage families to succeed at home and to create family-centered and home-centric feminine and family enterprises.”

Chanel Rion OANN

Rion joined One America News Network (OANN) in May 2019 as the White House correspondent. In October she reported that ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page had an affair but her article lacked sourcing and was eventually discredited which led to OANN retracting the story.

In December she presented “Revealed: Ukrainian witnesses destroy Schiff’s case exclusive with Rudy Giuliani.” The two part series, presented on OAN, featured Rion interviewing Rudy Giuliani and various Ukrainian supports of Giuliani, all whom support various conspiracy theories related to the Trump–Ukraine scandal.

OANN Threatened With Removal From WhiteHouse

The White House Correspondents’ Association voted to remove OANN from the pool rotation at President Donald Trump’s coronavirus briefings, after its correspondent violated social distancing guidelines. The policy set forth by the Association and based on the Center for Disease Control COVID-19 guidelines, allows only 14 reporters in the briefing room daily and that all reporters occupy a seat. Correspondents are rotated to ensure all gain access to the briefing while maintaining safe social distancing guidelines.

Chanel attended both press briefings on March 31 and April 1, when OAN was not on the rotation list.

WHCA said, “We are writing to inform you that the WHCA Board has voted this evening to remove a news outlet from the rotation for a seat in the briefing room. We did this because a reporter for this outlet twice attended press briefings in contravention of this policy. We do not take this action lightly. This is a matter of public safety.”

Chanel said that she will attend the White House coronavirus briefing, despite the WHHCA removing the network from its pool to cover the press conference. Rion said that White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham invited her again to attend as her guest, standing in the back.


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