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Charlie Noxon Biography

Charlie Noxon was the son of Jenji Kohan, creator of “Orange Is the New Black”. He died in a New Year’s Eve ski accident. The accident occurred on an intermediate trail near Canyons Village, the Park City Mountain Resort.

Charlie Noxon Age

Charlie was 20 years old at the time of his death.

Charlie Noxon Parents

Charlie is the oldest son Jenji Kohan and Christopher Noxon. The couple were married for 21 years and got divorced in 2018. Jenji is an American television writer and producer. She is best known as the creator of the Showtime comedy-drama series Weeds and the Netflix comedy-drama series Orange Is the New Black. She started out working on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in the early 90s. She had stints on Gilmore Girls, Sex and the City, and the first season of Friends.

Christopher Noxon is an American writer and freelance journalist. He began his career at the Los Angeles Daily News. He has also written for Los Angeles magazine, The Huffington Post and Salon.com. He also worked as a music consultant on the Showtime series Weeds.

Charlie Noxon Columbia College

Charlie was a junior at Columbia College where he was studying philosophy, economics and Chinese. While at Columbia he was an associate editorial page editor at Spectator in 2018, recruiting authors and collaborating with them to edit and publish their opinions, including largely popular column “A Girl and Her Juul”. He also contributed to the opinion page himself, writing on the urgency of undergraduate political engagement and voting from students’ home addresses.

Charlie Noxon Weeds

Charlie appeared in an episode of ‘Weeds’ back in 2008.

Charlie Noxon Death – Charlie Noxon Ski Accident

Charlie died in a New Year’s Eve ski accident in Utah. According to the police he was pronounced dead after hitting a sign on an intermediate-level trail at Park City Mountain resort while skiing. According to Summit County sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright the accident happened as he tried to navigate a fork in the trail. He was alone at the time of the accident and there were no witnesses to the crash.

He was discovered by other skiers and pronounced dead by an air ambulance crew before reaching a hospital. Noxon was on a trip with his siblings and father. They were further down the mountain at the time of the accident.

Charlie Noxon Cause of Death

Charlie’s cause of death is still under investigation.

Charlie Noxon Instagram

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