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Christina Storm Biography – Christina Storm Nel Wiki

Christian Storm is a South African actress, model and entrepreneur. She owns a production company called Hailmary. She is known for appearing on more than 200 television commercials. She is also known for her relationship with former Springbok rugby player James Small, with whom she had a child.

As a model Christina has appeared on the covers of the Elle (May 1997), SL (October 1999), Sports Illustrated Swimwear (1999) and GQ. She made her acting debut in 2007 in Egoli playing the role of Bienkie Naudé.

Christian Storm Background

She was born in Pretoria but only lived there for two weeks before her family moved to Namibia. She attended 9 different schools all across South Africa, then moved to Amsterdam.

During an interview, Christina said that her career in modelling chose her, not the other way round and acting was also the same.

”My career as a model chose me, not the other way around. Acting was the same story! I enjoy it, even though it’s nerve-wracking! I don’t have any acting experience as far as multicam, but I have shot over 200 commercials, so that helped a lot.”

Christina Storm Family

Christian revealed that her mother was a gypsy and her parents divorced when she was young. Her father moved overseas and her mother remarried and they were always up and go. She said that almost every second year they would move and she was always the new kid in school.

Christina Storm Husband

Christina is married to Paul Nel and together they have three children. Christina was previously in a relationship with James Small who is a former Springbok rugby player. They had a daughter Ruby together before they ended their relationship.

Christina Storm and her husband Paul Nel
Christina Storm and her husband Paul Nel

Christina Storm Children

Christina is a mother of four children; Ruby, Eve, Erin and Vince.

Christina Storm and James Small

Christina was in a relationship with James Small for ten years but they kept breaking up and making up. The relationship ended with Christina accusing James of domestic violence. During an interview Christina said she was engaged to James twice in the ten years they were together. She also said that they are good friends as James is a good father to their daughter.

“We were engaged twice. We were together for about ten years, but if you count all the times we broke up and made up I’d say we were together for two weeks. It was a very volatile relationship, but we’re good friends now, he’s a good daddy and he even moved to Joburg to be close to our daughter. So we get along well, he has his girlfriend and well me, I’m doing my thing.”

James was labelled the “bad boy” of South African rugby during the height of his career. James admitted to having beaten Christina twice during their relationship. He however never talked publicly about it. When Christina posed naked for Marie Claire magazine as part of a woman-abuse awareness campaign James said he felt the need to address the issue.

“I’ve blamed myself for a long time and I want to talk about it. I want the public to judge for themselves. These things affect my daughter. I was hiding away for a long time. I did something wrong and I’ve been man enough to stand and be counted for it. I’ve been through therapy for years and the public shame of it. I’ve lived with my head in the sand for a very long time.” James said during an interview.

James, however, said that calling their relationship abusive for raised his hands twice in isolated incidents is unfair.

“You can’t call two isolated incidents in eight years – after which she also had a child with me – an abusive relationship. But you can never excuse violence towards a woman. It’s not right. Once is once too often. It’s something I have to live with for the rest of my life and I’ve punished myself more than anyone else could. I couldn’t look in the mirror for a very long time. But I’m tired of saying sorry. When have you paid enough for your actions? When is enough? I’m not ashamed any more. I’m 40. Now I just feel: to hell with this. You can’t destroy a man’s life of hard work and sacrifice for his country over this.”

James didn’t elaborate the incidences but said both were to blame and also added that alcohol was involved. He said he was tired of strangers judging him. He also revealed that he went to therapy and the healing process wasn’t easy as he had to delve deep into his childhood to gain insight into the way he reacted to situations.

“But I’m tired of the strange looks I get when I walk into a room. What must Ruby’s teachers think when I drop her at her school group – that I’m a woman-beater? I’m not! I had to learn to respect myself and others and move on. I had to identify the catalysts and learn to avoid them. Unfortunately, I was exposed to violence in my parents’ home.”

James Small Death

James Small died on July 10, 2019 as a result of a heart attack.

Christina Storm Movies and TV Shows

  1. 2007: Egoli: Place of Gold
  2. 2010: Jacket Dance
  3. 2010: Survivor SA: Santa Carolina
  4. 2010: Egoli: Afrikaners are Fun
  5. 2011: I Love You

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