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Dakota is the 21 year old male who is at large after killing five people, including his parents Elizabeth Theriot and Keith Theriot and the family of his alleged girlfriend Summer Ernest and her parents Billy and Tanner Ernest. According to authorities he is armed and dangerous and is likely driving a 2004 silver Dodge pickup, license plate is C583809.


Dakota Theriot Biography

Dakota Theriot is a 21 year old man being hunted by police in Louisiana after five people were shot dead across two parishes, the Livingston and Ascension parishes of the state, on January 26. He is facing charges of first-degree murder, illegal use of weapons and home invasion. According to authorities he is considered armed-and-dangerous and is likely driving a 2004 silver Dodge pickup, license plate is C583809.

Dakota Theriot Photo
Dakota Theriot Photo

Dakota Theriot Parents

Keith and Elizabeth Theriot, Dakota Theriot parents, both 50 years were shot dead. According to WBRz Elizabeth was Theriot’s step mother. According to authorities the couple was found dead in the bedroom of their mobile home in the town of Gonzalez. The couple identified Dakota as the suspect before they died.

Theriot had recently been asked by his parents to move out of their family home according to Ascension Sheriff Bobby Webre. The Theriot’s home is located around 25 miles south of the Ernest’s home. Sheriff Webre said that there had been “some disagreements” between Theriot and his parents. A neighbor of the Theriot family told the Advocate, “There’s been a lot of yelling matches,” recently coming from their home at night.

Dakota Theriot Summer Ernest

Summer Ernest was one of the three victims who were killed in Livingston. The other two victims were Billy Ernest, 43, Tanner Ernest, 17. The trio were inside their mobile home in the town of Walker. Police have not released a motive for the shootings and have not revealed Theriot’s connection to the Ernest family.

According to Heavy.com Theriot was Facebook friends with Summer Ernest

According to The Baton Rouge Advocate, Theriot and Summer Ernest were in a relationship. One of the Ernest neighbor, Charlenne Bordelon, told the Advocate that Theirot had recently moved in with the Ernest family.

Billy Ernest’s sister, Crystal DeYoung, told the Associated Press that her niece had just started dating Theriot and that her family were not keen on him. DeYoung said that the family met him at a birthday party and that she didn’t know how the pair had met.

Dakota Theriot Twitter

As Dakota was on large a Twitter account was set up and appears to portray Theriot’s shooting as being related to the fact that his parents voted for Donald Trump. His Twitter bio reads:  “Pisses me off that Drumph is my President. people are gonna pay for this.”

The first tweet on the page reads, “F*** Trump.” The second message says, “My parents should’ve never voted for Trump.”

In another tweet he wrote: “I’ll never give myself up. Not until the Orange Man steps down from the oval office.”

Dakota Theriot Arrest

As the time of writing Theriot has not been arrested yet but the Livingston Parish Sheriff has given his details and asked anyone with information about him to call 225-686-2241 x1 or Crime Stoppers at (225) 344-STOP (7867).

According to CBS Baton Rouge Theriot maybe headed to Mississippi. According to his Facebook page, Theriot is from New Orleans and currently lives in Gonzalez.

Dakota had previously been arrested in April 2017 after he was pulled over in a traffic stop and when asked to exit the vehicle he fled, leading to a brief chase. According to the arresting officer Theriot thre marijuana out of the car as he fled. When he was eventually pulled over he was found in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Dakota Theriot Arrest Sheet
Dakota Theriot Arrest Sheet

Dakota Theriot Facebook

Dakota Theriot Instagram


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