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Stephanie Holmes Biography

Stephanie Holmes is the wife of political counselor to the U.S. Ambassador in Ukraine David Holmes. She is a Foreign Service Officer, serving as the Director of the Law Enforcement Department at the US Embassy in Ukraine.

Stephanie Holmes Career

Stephanie is a Foreign Service Officer, according to the website for the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine she is listed as the Head of Law Enforcement Section.

In November 2018 she gave a seminar to legal students in Kyiv as part of the “Tomorrow’s Lawyer” program. She told the students; “We hope that the skills and connections developed during the program will be useful to you in your further advocacy and you will enrich the Ukrainian legal community with the values ​​of ethics and leadership. We are very proud of the activities of the graduates and participants of the program, when we see that they participate in the Free Legal Aid, take part in competitions to the courts of Ukraine, including the Supreme Court and the High Anticorruption Court.”

Stephanie Holmes Husband – David Holmes Wife – David Holmes Married

Stephanie is married to David Holmes who is a political counselor to the U.S. Ambassador in Ukraine. Stephanie accompanied her husband in 2014 when he received Rifkin Award for his constructive criticism of President Barack Obama’s policy on South Asia.

Who Is David Holmes

Holmes is the counselor for Political Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. He is also a top aide to Taylor. He previously worked at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine under Marie Yovanovitch, the former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine.

He is one of the witnesses on impeachment. According to his testimony, he allegedly heard a call conversation between Donald Trump and United States ambassador to the European Union, Gordon D. Sondland.

Taylor in his testimony said that he had learned from one of his staffer, David Holmes, who had allegedly overheard a call between Trump and Sondland, in which Sondland told Trump that the Ukrainians were “ready to move forward.”

Taylor said that his staffer explained how he had asked Sondland, after the phone call was over, how much Trump cared about Ukraine. The staffer said Sondland replied that Trump cared more about the Bidens.

Stephanie Holmes Children

Stephanie together with her husband has two children together; a son and a daughter.

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