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Delilah (Delilah Rene) Biography

Delilah Rene Bio

Delilah Rene Luke popularly known as Delilah is an American radio personality, songwriter and author born on 15th February 1960 in Reedsport, Oregon, United States. She is the host of Delilah, a nationally syndicated U.S. radio show which typically features contemporary music geared towards adults. Delilah refers to herself as “the queen of sappy love songs”. She was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2016.
Delilah Rene Age  

58 years as of 2018

Delilah Rene Birthday 15th February 1960
Delilah Rene Kids Zachariah Rene, Sammy Young Dzolali Rene, Sammy (Son), Ten Children adopted
Delilah Rene Husband Paul Warner (m.2012)

Douglas Ortega (m. 1996- div 2001)

George Harris (M. 1981- Div. 1985)

Delilah Rene Net worth $15 Million Dollars
Delilah Rene Awards
  • May 2012 Gracie Award for Outstanding Host – Entertainment/Information in Radio.
  • 2016: Inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame
  • 2016: National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Marconi Award for Network/Syndicated Personality of the Year
  • 2017: Inducted into the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame
Delilah Rene Books
  1. Love Someone Today
  2. Love Matters
  3. Arms Full of Love
  4. One Heart At A Time
Delilah Rene Phone number 1-888-633-5452


Delilah Career

In 1974 while at the seventh grade, she won a middle-school speech contest judged by owners of the local AM radio station. She began her career at KDUN in Reedsport reporting school news and sports on a show called “Delilah Luke, on the warpath”. She worked at several radio stations in Oregon and in Seattle after graduation.

Delilah Radio Show

In 1984 her call-in-show “Delilah After Dark” began airing. In 1996 her show ‘Delilah’ debuted in four stations finishing the year on a dozen stations. Broadcast Programming began distributing the show in 1997 and was later bought by Jones Radio Networks. In 2004 Delilah moved to Premiere Radio Networks. The program is aired by nearly 170 radio stations and the Armed Forces Radio Network.

In November 2006 WLTW in New York began airing her program although the show is a separate, specially tailored version of the show produced just for that station, with music programmed by local WLTW Programming.

In 2007 her program began airing in KODA after the station dropped Zoe Bonet, a lovesongs host. In March 2012 Delilah went on air on KFSH-FM in Los Angeles.

On 29th January 2018, she began hosting weekday mornings and afternoons on Seattle soft AC station KSWD. The station also picked up her syndicated show for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.

Delilah Rene and her late son Zachariah
Delilah Rene and her late son Zachariah

Delilah Rene Family/ Parents

Delilah was born in a family of four as the second eldest child. Her father was very strict and drank while her mother her codependency issues. On the night of her high school graduation, she found her suitcase on the front step as she came home an hour past curfew. Her parents disowned her when they found out that she had married an African American at the age of twenty-one although she later reconciled with her mother.

Her brother and his wife died in a plane crash sixteen days after the birth of her son Isaiah on their way to visit her and Isaiah.

Delilah Rene Husband

Delilah married George Harris at the age of 21 although they divorced three years later shortly after the birth of her son Isaiah.

She met and married her second husband after six months but the marriage was annulled after six weeks.

In 1990 she met Douglas who was involved in her church’s youth ministry and got married in 1996. They separated and later divorced in 2001. Delilah claims that she feared she was disappointing God with regard to her failed relationships until she realized “You do the best that you can do, and when you can’t do it, you can’t do it.”

Delilah Children

She is a mother of 13 children, 10 of whom are adopted. One of her biological son Isaiah Harris was born in 1984 when she was married to George Harris. Her biological daughter Shayla Ortega was born in 1996

After the birth of her daughter Shayla she had trouble conceiving but she longed to have more kids which prompted her to adopt. In 1999 she found an African American boy close to Isaiah’s age and when she later that the boy had two other siblings in foster care she decided to adopt them all. She found out she was pregnant after adopting the three kids and gave birth to her second son Zachariah Rene

In 2003 she met a 20-year-old single mother who never knew her parents, she completed the adult adoption for her so she could become her legal daughter and the baby her grandchild. She also adopted two girls from the settlement.

Delilah Son Death

On 2nd October her son Zacharia committed suicide after a battling depression for some time. She took to her social media platform where she announced the devastating news and said she would take a break from her radio show and social media to grieve the loss of her son.

Delilah had previously lost her adopted son Sammy Young Dzolali Rene on 12th March 2012 of complications of sickle-cell anemia. Delilah had adopted him in 2010, he had previously spent most of his life in an orphanage in a Ghanaian refugee camp.

Delilah Rene Religion

Delilah says that she was not a religious person while growing up, she revealed that after her brother’s death and the end of her marriage she cried out to God saying;
“God, if you’re real, I need to know.” She claims that the following morning she found a New Testament tucked under the windshield of her car with a handwritten inscription: “Jesus Loves You.” The next weekend she went to church with a neighbor and gave her heart to God.

Delilah Rene – Point Hope

In 1993 Delilah founded Point Hope in Philadelphia as a street mission to distribute food, clothes and blankets to homeless people. Her main goal was to distribute information to people so they could make better choices for themselves and their children.

In 1997 when Delilah moved to Seattle, Point Hope went on hiatus. In 2004 Delilah received an email from a woman in West Africa who was asking for help to care for her two starving children living in a Liberian refugee camp in Ghana. Delilah checked out the story and found more than 60,000 people living there with no fresh, running water. This lead to the reestablishment of Point Hope in the U.S. and in Ghana. Point Hope Ghana is a non-profit organization whose immediate focus is on alleviating the suffering of Liberian refugees at Buduburam, a refugee camp established after the Liberian civil war.

“I founded Point Hope so that I could accomplish some things I wanted to do for children who had no one to advocate for them, children who had no voice. Since I have been blessed with a voice on the radio each night, I thought I would use my celebrity position and my financial resources to help these kids.” Delilah said about her foundation.

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