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Discrimination Against Women in India


Discrimination against women is one of the obvious issues that exist in the Indian culture. Based on the article, several instances show this kind of discrimination. To begin with, the author of this article indicates that she was interested in featuring both men and women in her work. Nevertheless, the women were not willing to have their pictures taken probably because it was against the cultural beliefs in this society. Furthermore, it may imply that taking their picture may land them to problems and this posses the question of women safety in this society. This discrimination is apparent in the images as there are no females even in the background and this depicts a culture that is driven by masculinity.

The is a varying difference in a male who was wearing a floral dress and this brought the issue of masculine-female contrast. It may imply that the men have the freedom to do whatever they can do to the extent that they can wear female clothes while the women are prohibited to go to such limits. Men tend to put on macho eyes while taking pictures to show toughness in that they cannot show any signs of weakness in front of a woman. All these are instances of how women are disregarded and should never be superior to men in anything.

While this problem may be attributed to cultural beliefs, both politics and religion have a role in this. The three fundamental research questions based on this issue could be: What are the roots of gender discrimination in some societies? Is it possible to achieve true gender equality? Are women safe in male-dominated societies? The chosen article is ‘The roots of gender inequality in developing countries’. This article could help me in tackling this issue as it carries out case studies on gender disparities in various countries like China and India in various aspects such as labor, education, politics among others. It is therefore likely to answer all my research questions.

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