Don Trag (Rapper Beaten By DaBaby Security) Bio, Age, Songs, Beaten


Don Trag Biography

Don Trag is a 26 years old Stoughton rapper who was allegedly beaten by DaBaby’s security team on May 18, 2019, at Lawrence’s Centro Nightclub and is hospitalized and in a coma.

Don Trag Age

Don is 26 years old.

Don Trag Songs

  1. Clapperz
  2. Blood, Sweat, Tears
  3. My Position
  4. International

Don Trag Beaten

Don was allegedly beaten up by DaBaby’s security team. According to his mother, Nerlande Saladin, he was performing in Lawrence, Massachusetts the night he was beaten.

The incident went down at Centro Nightclub, just before DaBaby was about to take the stage. TMZ reported that their DaBaby source claimed that Don got aggressive and that’s when his security stepped in. DaBaby looked on as Don got beaten.

According to TMZ his brother, who is also a rapper, said that Don wanted to take a photo with DaBaby when his security went nuts on him with a ferocious pounding.

When the police arrived at the Scene Trag had already been taken to Lawrence General Hospital, where he signed himself out. He went to his mother’s home in Stoughton but collapsed hours later and was taken to Boston hospital.

His brother said that he has significant brain and neck swelling and was not doing well.

According to his mother said that every time he stands he falls; “His neck and head because they hit him in the head a lot. His eye is all bloodied… It’s just so sad to see my son like that. Every time he stands, he falls down, so they’re doing CTs and cat scans.”

She says she just wants to understand what happened “Just asking for a picture and you end up trying to kill my son.” She said she was thinking of hiring a lawyer, but right now is focused on her son.

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