Douglas McCain Biography, Age, Father (John McCain), Mother (Carol Sheep), Siblings


Douglas McCain Biography

Douglas McCain Bio

Douglas McCain was born in 1959 to Carol Sheep and Alasdair E. Swanson, he was later adopted by John McCain in 1965 when he maried Carol. He is a captain for American Airlines. Douglas has also served in the U.S Navy as he served as a pilot in the U.S Navy.

In 2007 he did an interview with The New York Times and said his dad was very private of his children.

“I think he’d prefer the family kind of stayed private,I just think he is a big believer in individuals doing their own thing.”

Douglas McCain Age 51 years; born on 2nd September 1966
Douglas McCain Parents John McCain, Carol Shepp
Douglas McCain Siblings Meghan McCain, Bridget McCain, Andrew McCain, James McCain, John Sidney McCain IV, Sidney McCain
Douglas McCain Grandparents Roberta McCain and John S.McCain Jr


In 2008 he was involved in his fathers campaign in his bi to be the U.S president. In October 2008 during a campaign he took the podium and said that he was increasingly tying to find time in his schedule to campaign for his dad.

He discussed media coverage, Gov. Sarah Palin and the federal financial bailout, among other issues.

“The mainstream media – and I don’t like that term, but everybody seems to use it – they were so waiting for Gov. Palin to fall on her face and today to say ‘This thing is over, Barack Obama has won, I promise you, on Election Night it’s going to be very close.”

He said he met the Palin family in a plane sitting on the tarmac at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport.

“The kids were sitting back there and they literally looked like deer in the headlights. Finally, my brother, Andy, and I just said, ‘Enjoy it. This may never happen again.’ “

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