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Dr. Jacob Glanville Bio

Dr. Jacob Glanville is an American bioengineer, computational immunologist and entrepreneur. He is the founding partner, CEO, and President of Distributed Bio. He is also a Scientific Advisory Board member for UCSF’s biotechnology program, and he was featured on the Netflix documentary Pandemic.

His work on broad-spectrum antivenom is supported by the National Institute of Health. His work on broad-spectrum antibacterials for wound healing is supported by MTEC and NMRC, and his work on anti-SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 therapeutic antibodies is performed in coordination with USAMRIID, Charles River Laboratories, and other groups.

Dr. Jacob Glanville Age


Dr. Jacob Glanville Parents

Dr. Jacob was born and raised in Guatemala to American expatriate parents. His mother was an artist and his father, an agricultural importer.

Dr. Jacob Glanville Wife

Dr. Jacob is married to Erin Flynn together they have a daughter known as Seraphine.


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Dr. Jacob Glanville Education

Jacob attended the University of California, Berkeley graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in MCB, Genetics Genomics and Development. He earned a PhD. in Computational and Systems Immunology from Stanford University.

Dr. Jacob Glanville Bioengineering and Immunologist

Dr. Jacob began his career at Berkeley Phylogenomics Group as a Bioinformatics Technician. His roles involved Bioinformatics Infrastructure development, system administration, web development for BPG/California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences.

In February 2008 he joined Pfizer Inc. South San Francisco, CA as Principal Scientist. In his position he developed methods for BCR and TCR repertoire characterization, developed & published methods for antibody library optimization, developed & patented methods for IP protection with NGS sequencing. He also founded “antibody.pfizer.com”. In 2020 he received the Pfizer achievement award.

Dr. Jacob Glanville Distributed Bio

In April 2012 Dr. Jacob co-founded Distributed Bio, Inc. He is also the CEO and the President. According to their website,  they are ‘computational immuno-engineers. Our mission is to create breakthrough technologies to drug previously challenging targets (GPCRs, ion channels, pMHC complexes, condition-specific binders, anti-idiotypes, and broadly neutralizing viral epitopes). In monoclonal therapeutics, our integration of computational immunology, bioengineering and robotics has enabled us to create a pipeline of molecules with unprecedented biophysical properties, while also supporting all of our partners with thousands of high affinity developable antibodies against any drug target of interest. In vaccine science, our Centivax technology is producing broad-spectrum vaccines against rapidly mutating pathogens like influenza and HIV.’

Dr. Jacob Glanville and Bill Gates

Dr. Jacob is a recipient of the Gates Foundation Grand Challenge “Ending the Pandemic Threat” for his broad-spectrum vaccine technology, the history of that project recorded in Netflix docuseries “Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak.”

Dr. Jacob Glanville COVID-19 Cure – Dr. Jacob Glanville Antibody

treatment for COVID-19 using convalescent plasma from SARS patients — mutating antibodies from SARS to fight the coronavirus.

During an interview with KHOU he said; We are happy to announce we have completed the engineering and we have some very potent antibodies that can be effective against the virus.”

He explained how his team singled out five antibodies that were able to neutralize Sars – a similar disease to Covid-19 and a member of the coronavirus family.

When a person gets infected with a virus, the body starts antibodies to fight the infection. After they recover, those antibodies float in the blood for months, maybe even years.

“We took a series of five antibodies from around 2002 that were able to neutralize SARS. We were able to use technology in our laboratories to evolve those antibodies against SARS to adapt them to recognize COVID-19.

We tried with five different antibodies because we weren’t sure which one would work the best. All five worked so we have a pretty powerful tool chest available to us right now to produce a final therapeutic.”

He also revealed that they were sending the antibodies to the military for confirmation testing and to Charles River Laboratories for safety and tox characterization. He added that they have partnered with two different companies that will scale up large batches of the antibody for production. He said they were in discussions to start humane phase one/two trials that would happen at the end of the summer.

“We’re in discussions to start humane phase one/two trials that would happen at the end of the summer. Pending good results – [if] we see the drug is safe and helpful means we could start releasing it for compassionate use in September.”e

Dr. Jacob Glanville The Pandemic

Dr. Jacob was featured on the Netflix documentary ‘Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak’ which premiered on January 22, 2020. The documentary follows the men and women on the front line, battling against influenza. The series attempts to explain how a viral outbreak begins and rapidly spreads across the globe. It reflects on the 1918 Spanish Flu, Ebola, the importance of vaccinations and combating the common flu.

Dr. Jacob Glanville Net worth

Jacob’s net worth is under review.

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