Does the Use of Social Media Improve or Harm Relationships?
Relationships exist between people who are close such as family members or couples. The use of social media in the modern world has impacted both positively and negatively on how different in their normal life setting. In this case, the relationship is referred to is that between married couples or those people who are still dating, as they tend to be affected more by the social media. Also, the social media can affect the way people get their mates when they engage in online dating, and this raises the argument on whether the use of social media improves or harms relationships.

Firstly, the increased number of radio and television stations that broadcast programs on family and relationship issues has helped stabilize many relationships. Since many people have access to the media by listening and watching daily programs brought by journalists who deal specifically with relationships, they end up gaining a lot on how to maintain their relationships. Sometimes the broadcasters talk to the listeners on the phone to try to solve the problems they have in their relationship. They also allow other listeners to advise the affected couple on how to tackle the situation at hand. As a result, the married couple ends up gaining through the media by following the good advice given to them.

On the other hand, those single individuals who are looking for mates also gain a lot from the social media. In this case, Facebook can enable people from different places to communicate and know each other better. The advantage is that one gets the chance to speak to different people from different areas, and this reduces the boredom of relating to the commonplace in the same place. People go to the extent of marrying from other ethnic groups and races through the first contact on social media. In short, the social media has narrowed the world into a small social world where people from different countries can meet and marry each other.
It is possible that one may fail to find the person of their interest where they spend their lives daily because people always hide their real character when around those who want them. People tend to expose everything on the social media through their posts. According to studies done on understanding peoples personality and character, the way people post and communicate on social media depicts what they are in normal lives. Therefore, it is easier to determine if the person you are relating on social media such as Facebook matches your interests or not, just through the way they post on the social platform.

Additionally, the social media teaches people how to mold and hold relationships. Platforms such as Facebook have different pages some of which are specifically set aside for advising and giving tips on how to get someone into a relationship, and how to keep it intact. Even when one may lack knowledge on how to create a loving atmosphere, the social media can teach them well. The people who run the relationship pages are experts and have experience that others can copy to be successful in any relationship. However, the way one uses the social media determines how they will benefit from it in molding their relationships.

As much as the positive side of using the social media to improve relationships seems to be strong, the negativity related to it is worse on its own. There are many reasons to render the social media harm to relationships. First, use of the social media tends to consume much of the time that could have been used to keep a relationship strong. It has been confirmed that people who spend their time on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter end up being addicted to it. Even those who like watching television programs cannot do any other thing as long as the program is being broadcasted. As a result, their partners get bored, as they cannot cope with people who do not care about them. The relationship may even come to an end because of the failure to give time to make it stand.

Furthermore, socializing too much on social media platforms makes leads to people falling into multiple relationships. The famous dating sites such as “Meet Me” and “Palm Chat “are tempting enough to cause couples to be unfaithful to each other. Such sites have crowds with attractive profile pictures that can provoke anyone to try relating to them without considering their current relationship status. The worst comes when the partner realizes that one is dating outside marriage or the ongoing relationship, resulting in a break-up or a serious misunderstanding between the two.
Also, going for social media acquired relationships can be dangerous if the two partners have never met. Pretending has been witnesses in many cases where one partner fakes their identity so that they can trap the person for evil reasons such as stealing or kidnapping them. In this case, the partners plan to meet at a particular place for the first time, have a first date, break away to their homes. However, on meeting, the partner with the bad intention accomplishes their mission and escapes, leaving the other person in dismay.

Another negative impact of the social media on relationships comes in when a partner in an established relationship or marriage overuses the online platform by posting contents that should be kept in private. Such content includes posting pictures that attract the attention of people who may ruin the marriage. The other partner may also feel disrespected on coming across the displayed content, resulting in a disagreement, and even a fight between the two
More so, the social media can be worse if partners using it frequently break up in that they may expose their other partners’ secrets to humiliate them. Such actions have been witnessed in the normal life where breakups have occurred. The humiliation that one gets may demoralize them to the extent of ruining their social life, and also their families. It also deprives the chances of the couple reconciling even after solving the differences.

Lastly, the social media use can slow the progress of a family regarding making plans and implementing them. It is true that people who are addicted to using social platform find less time accomplishing their plans, leading to increased unattended businesses and tasks. At home, the house may become disorganized and messy because there is no time set for attending to the house chores. Even visitors who visit the couple may fail to come again due to the situation witnessed before. Consequently, the home may come to an end due to poor management.
According to the points raised in the argument above, it is clear that the social media can in one way improve relationships, or ruin it completely. As much as some points are supporting the importance of using social media while in a relation such as that it helps in solving some matters arising in the relationship, I still disagree that it barely improves a relationship. The harms caused by the social media to relationships are more pronounced, and they outnumber the benefits. Therefore, the use of social media causes more damage to relations than it does improve them.


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