Daniel ‘Etika’ Amofah (Youtuber) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, EX Girlfriend (Alice Pika), YouTube Channel (TR1Iceman), Death, Autopsy


Etika Biography – YouTuber Etika Bio

Etika (Full Name; Daniel Desmond Amofah) was a YouTuber whose body was found on June 25, 2019 after disappearing on June, 20. He used to post live streams, reaction videos, discussion videos and gaming videos on his channel. One of his YouTube channels was banned after posting pornographic content which violated YouTube guidelines.

Etika Age

Etika was 29 years old; he was born on May 12, 1990 in U.S.

Etika Parents

Etika was the son of Emmanuel Owuraku Amofah and Sabrina. Little details are known about his mother. His father Owuraku, is a Ghanian politician who once injured the former president of Jerry Rawlings. He had one brother who is dead.

Etika Nationality

Etika was an American national

Etika Ethnicity

Etika was of African-American descent.

Etika Ex Girlfriend Twitter

Etika was in a relationship with fellow streamer Alice Pika but they had since broken up by the time of his death. After his death, Alice took to Twitter where she shared a series of their photos.

Why Did Etika Get Arrested/ What Did Etika Do Wrong

Etika was arrested and detained by Brooklyn Police after he allegedly threatened to harm himself while live streaming on his Instagram account. On the live video, he was seen talking with the police and being escorted out of his Brooklyn apartment. He was taken to hospital. It is alleged that he was struggling with mental health issues and had been suicidal twice.

Etika Mental Health

Etika struggled with mental illness. In May he assaulted a police officer and was admitted to a local hospital according to his ex-girlfriend and fellow streamer Alice Pika.

Etika Dead Body- Etika Death- Etika Died

On June 25, 2019 the New York police reported that they had found Etika’s body in the East River. The police had been searching for him since June 20, after Amofah posted a video on YouTube discussing suicidal thoughts (which has since been removed).

Etika Suicide Video/ Etika Last Video/ Etika Video Before Missing

Etika posted an eight-minute-long video on his YouTube channel before he disappeared but the video has been removed from Youtube due to guideline violations. In the video he talked about his mental health, apologized for pushing people away, and discussed the dangers of social media.

Etika Disappearance

After Etika posted the video he went missing and was last heard from on Wednesday, June 19. The police began investigating to find him on the same day. At the time of his disappearance, Deputy Commissioner for Public Information said in a statement:

“The NYPD is seeking the public’s assistance in locating a missing person within the confines of the 84 Precinct. he circumstances are as follows. ‘It has been reported to police that the missing was last heard from on Wednesday, June 19, 2019, at approximately 2000 hours by phone. The missing is described as follows: Amofah, Desmond aka Etika. ‘Male, Black, 29 years-old, approximately 6’0, approximately 160lbs, brown eyes, black hair. Last seen wearing a white t-shirt.”

On June 23, the police recovered his belongings on Manhattan Bridge. The personal effects included his driving licence, along with several other cards and his wallet. His phone was discovered with a black and red Nintendo Switch and a laptop bag believed to belong to Etika, containing a pair of boxers, a shirt, shorts and headphones.

Etika Channel/ Etika Youtube Channel

Etika’s YouTube channel was known as EWNetwork (Etika World Network) which he created in July 2012, The channel was shut down in October 2018 after he posted pornographic content which violated YouTube guidelines. He used to post live stream videos, discussion videos, reaction videos and gaming videos. His most viewed video is titled ‘MEWTWO DLC REVEAL!!!’ Etika’s First Time Reaction to It!!!’MY D**K’ TURN DOWN VOLUME”

He also had a second channel known as TR1Iceman.

How Many Subscribers Did Etika Have

Etika had 136,489 subscribers on his YouTube channel TR1Iceman which he created on Aug 16, 2006, and has 585,691 views (at the time of publication)

Etika Petition

Fans of Etika are asking for his final video to be re-uploaded to YouTube to help memorialize him, and a Change.org petition has been started with over 25,000 signatures asking for his original channel to be restored to preserve his legacy.

The petition reads;

“Desmond ‘Etika’ Amofah was a legendary YouTube streamer/entertainer, he pioneered YouTube Gaming and put the platform on the map with his insanely entertaining streams and loyal fan base. He was loyal to YouTube Gaming from the beginning. We the YouTube community and the Joycon Boyz, demand that his YouTube channel be reinstated so his legacy can be archived. Years of memories are gone due to his misconduct of a few uploads, and we think someone who has done so much for the YouTube platform should be allowed to have his greatest moments archived on YouTube forever.

Please consider, think about how much he has done for you YouTube, think about all the years of his life he poured into his channel, and restore those memories.

Thank you for your time.

Linklight, the Joycon Boyz, and the Internet”

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