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Eunice Gayson Biography

Eunice Gayson is an English actress born on 17th March 1982 in Croydon, United Kingdom. She passed on 8th June 2018. She was popularly known for her roles in the first James Bond movies, Dr. No and From Russia with Love, as Sylvia Trench, James Bond’s girlfriend. She was the first official Bond girl.

She is a trained opera singer and has performed the role of the Baroness in the stage production of “The Sound of Music,” and appeared in the Hammer Horror 1958 “Revenge of Frankenstein” film. However, her lines in “Dr. No” were voiced over by Berlin-born actress Nikki van der Zyl.

Eunice Gayson Career

Eunice Gayson is the first actress to play a Bond girl as she was a regular in the Bond film series, but her character was dropped. Gayson’s voice in Dr. No and From Russia with Love was overdubbed by voice actress Nikki van der Zyl, as were the voices of nearly all the actresses appearing in the first two Bond films, though Gayson’s real voice can still be heard in original trailers for Dr. No.

Initially cast as “Miss Moneypenny” (the role ended up going to Lois Maxwell) at the beginning of the James Bond film series, she instead was given the part of seductive “Sylvia Trench” which was to be a recurring role as well. She has the distinction of appearing in the opening casino scene with Sean Connery in Dr. No (1962), in which she says, “I admire your luck, Mr…” and Connery says, “Bond. James Bond”. Her part was cut after the second movie, From Russia with Love (1963).

Speaking in 2012, Gayson said that getting Connery to deliver the famous line “Bond,James Bond” in response to her introduction of her own character as “Trench,Sylvia Trench” took some tutoring.

“I’d known Sean for years and I’d never seen him so nervous as he was on that daybecause of all these delays,” Gayson said.

In 1995 he daughter appeared in a casino scene in the 1995 Bond film Golden Eye.

Eunice Gayson Death

On 9th June 2018 Eunice Gayson died at the age of 90. The official James Bond Twitter account confirmed the news on Saturday.


Eunice Gayson Husband

On July 1953 she married Leigh Vance but they divorced on 31st July 1959. On 21st June 1968 she married Brian Jackson but they divorced.

Eunice Gayson Daughter

She has a daughter, Kate Gayson, who was born in 1971. She is also an actress and appeared in a casino scene in the 1995 Bond film Golden Eye.

Eunice Gayson Net Worth

Eunice Gayson evaluated total assets as of 2017 was estimated at around $1.2 Million. This included an Eunice Gayson earlier years Net Worth, Income, Salary and Property subtle elements.

Eunice Gayson Movies

  • 1948: My Brother Jonathan as Young Girl
  • 1948: It Happened in Soho as Julie
  • 1949: The Huggetts Abroad as Peggy
  • 1949: Melody in the Dark as Pat Evans
  • 1950: Dance Hall as Mona
  • 1951: To Have and to Hold as Peggy
  • 1952: Down Among the Z Men as Officer’s Wife
  • 1952: Miss Robin Hood as Pam
  • 1953: Street Corner as Janet
  • 1954: Dance, Little Lady as Adele
  • 1954: One Just Man
  • 1955: Out of the Clouds as Penny Henson
  • 1956: The Last Man to Hang? as Elizabeth Anders
  • 1956: Zarak as Cathy Ingram
  • 1957: Carry on Admiral as Jane Godfrey
  • 1957: Light Fingers as Rose Levenham
  • 1958: The Revenge of Frankenstein as Margaret
  • 1958: Hello London as Herself(Documentary)
  • 1962: Dr. No as Sylvia Trench
  • 1963: From Russia with Love as Sylvia Trench

Eunice Gayson Television Series

  • 1955: Count of Twelve as Valerie Dyson
  • 1963: The Saint as Nora Prescott
  • 1964: Danger Man as Louise Bancroft
  • 1965: The Saint as Christine Graner
  • 1966: The Avengers as Lucille Banks
  • 1967: Before the Fringe
  • 1972: The Adventurer as Countess Marie
  • 2013: MasterChef (Herself)

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