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Eurydice Dixon Biography

Eurydice Dixon was an Australian aspiring comedian who was raped and murder on 13th June 2018. She was found dead in a soccer field in Princes Park in Carlton North, inner Melbourne, about 3am on Wednesday by a passerby.

When she was 7 years old her mother, Karen Walters, was found dead in a Brunswick shopping centre. She had battled a heroine addiction for ten years.

After the death of her mother, her father Jeremy Dixon an “anarchist”, lawyer and political activist, was left to raise Ms Dixon and her younger brother on his own.

Eurydice Dixon Career

Eurydice Dixon had left Highlander Bar in Melbourne’s central business district shortly after 10.30pm following a comedy gig. A staff member at the bar said that she used to perform at the club every Tuesday.

‘She performed here every Tuesday night, and it has hit everyone here really hard.’

Another Highlander Bar employee, James Forman, said she was a regular at the bar and performed to packed houses, The Age reported.

‘She was just wonderful, everybody who knew her at the bar would comment on what a lovely and polite person she was. She was quite shy and very reserved, which was very strange, because once she got up on stage she’d have the attention of the whole room and they’d all be laughing.’

She recently appeared in a macabre comedy sketch titled ‘A Date With Death’ in which she was the victim of a stabbing murder. ‘Age 35, stabbed and left for dead in an alleyway behind the Victoria Gardens Kmart,’ said an actor playing Death as Ms Dixon lay motionless on the stage.

In March and April 2018 she performed to capacity crowds at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. She also performed a solo show called ‘At Home, I Feel Like a Tourist’.

Eurydice Dixon Rape and Murder

Homicide Squad Detective Inspector Andrew Stamper revealed that a 19 year old man identified as Mr. Todd, allegedly Autistic, surrended himself after CCTV CCTV images were released of a person who police said could assist with the investigation. Detective Inspector Stamper confirmed there was no relationship between Ms Dixon and the accused.

The CCTV images showed a man wearing a grey hoodie and a backpack leaning against a pole on the morning the body was found. The images were captured in Melbourne’s central business district.

A pair of men’s black leather shoes were found metres from the body, and police examined a bicycle and a bag, but it is unknown whether the items are linked to the alleged murder.

Police believe Ms Dixon was murdered between 11pm on Tuesday and 3am the next day, Detective Inspector Stamper said.

In March there was a a late-night sexual assault in the same park but the police said they were confident there was no link between the two incidences.

‘At this stage we believe the two matters are unrelated, however, there is still a lot of investigation to go on. We are satisfied at the moment that the two aren’t connected which leaves us with the prospect that there is an outstanding offender for that offence.’

Mr. Todd was charged with one count of rape and one count of murder, and remanded in custody to face Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

Eurydice Dixon Case

On Thursday Mr. Todd appeared in the Melboumuch Magistrates Court and sat motionless and with his eyes closed for much of the hearing before magistrate Andrew McKenna.

His lawyer, John Riordan,said it was Mr Todd’s first time in custody and stressed his vulnerability in that environment due to his youth and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.

The lawyer argued Mr Todd should not be publicly identified for several days while more information on his disorder was sought. He also argued that sharing Mr Todd’s identity would also compromise his safety in custody.

Intense media scrutiny of Mr Todd’s case and the impact that publicity may have on the reliability of witness statements still being gathered were among other reasons the lawyer gave to justify the suppression.

The magistrate,Andrew McKenna,ruled only images of Mr Todd’s face should be withheld from publication. He said that prison officers are aware of the high priority of safety and he assured his security.

Mr Todd will reappear on October 3, as he did not apply for bail and will remain in custody.

Eurydice Dixon Tribute

Most of the people took to social media to pay their tribute to Eurydice Dixon

Eurydice Dixon Family

Eurydice Dixon family broke their silence on 16th June with her great uncle, Eric Dixon telling 9 News that she was blossoming prior to her death.

“You see these things on TV but all of a sudden it’s in your family — the whole stark reality,” he said of the 22-year-old.

Eurydice Dixon Boyfriend

Eurydice Dixon and Tony Magnuson had been partners for four months. On Tuesday they had been together at her comedy gig, and they had a drink together before leaving the venue at around 10:40 pm. They grabbed some food at a nearby store before heading home.

Magnuson told Fairfax Media that they parted ways at Flinders Street Station,

“She was happy and content. She hugged me, blew me a kiss and said she was going for a walk. She was on top of the world because her gig went so well.”

When she got near her house in North Carlton, she texted Mr. Magnuson around midnight on Facebook telling him she was almost home

“I’m almost home safe, HBU [how about you].”

Eurydice Dixon Last Gig

During her last gig she joked about gender equality and feminism.“I have a bit of a tendency to worry a lot — about things I shouldn’t worry about,” Ms Dixon said as she opened her routine.

“Sometimes I worry, am I going to wake up in a slave society? You know, just girly things! Just normal s**t, right?”

She also joked about robots overtaking the world

“I’m trying to be more optimistic, so I’m like: ‘A slave society … that means no one has any rights — we’ll finally have gender equality’. Equally s**t — still equal,” she said

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