Everton need to take new direction to break into top teams


Everton started the season with the hope of securing a European place after the investment made on players’ signings. That has not yielded anything and it wasn’t even close as they finished in the second half of the table. Marco Silva who started the season was unable to do much with a bunch of talents at the club and was sacked mid-season. Carlo Ancelotti also came in and was only able to get the team to finish 12th on the log. That is a very bad record for a team of such investment made by the owners. Over £100m was spent last summer and they still finished behind Southampton, Burnley, and newly promoted Sheffield United. There was hardly any progress noticed in the squad and a new course have to be chatted to close the gap with the top teams beyond just throwing money at all their problems.

Bringing Ancelotti was to go with experience manager rather than the likes of young and energetic managers like Silva that didn’t take them anywhere. However, it hasn’t worked out yet. It is best the management seats down and set what is expected for the new season and if no indications are noticed that he can achieve, then he needs to go. Right from the start of the season, he needs to get the result as there are enough resources for Everton to be competing for a place in Europe. It is what teams like Wolves and Sheffield United did this season even if the latter eventually missed out, but they still pushed till the last day of the season. What is expected of Everton was seen in Leicester City. Many faulted the Foxes for finishing fifth but forgot that not many saw them in second position at the start of the season. Blaming them for finishing fifth in a season many didn’t see them in any place close to that is a testament to how well they have improved and that is what is expected of Everton going forward. Ancelotti needs to be able to achieve this.

The players at Everton play in an environment many don’t see themselves as needing to do too much than they are used to. A cultural shift is needed to make the players realize that they are the generation the Toffees want to use to launch as a force to reckon with and if they aren’t capable will be sold off. That is where bringing in players with the right mentality comes into play. It is not enough buying young players with the talent, they also need experienced players. Looking at their current squad, not many can be seen in recent times joining them. Their next signings have to be tailored in this direction. It is only an experience player that will help keep the concentration level of players during game when they are leading instead of conceding late into the game, which is typical of Everton.

What they do next season will define the future the club will have. Continue on this poor performance will make many not believe their project but when they start challenging, then many will know this is a traditional top team returning to their best days again.

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