Who Is Francisco Garcia (Spanish Football Coach) Bio, Wiki, Age, Leukemia, Coronavirus, Death


Francisco Garcia Bio

Francisco Garcia was a youth Spanish football coach at Malaga-based club Atletico Portada Alta. He died on March 15, 2020 from coronavirus, having been suffering from a form of leukaemia. He is believed to be the youngest person to die from the virus.

Francisco Garcia Age

Francisco was 21 years old at the time of his death.

Francisco Garcia Spanish Football Coach

Francisco had been training with Atletico Portada Alta for four years and was coach of the junior team. He signed a coaching contract with Atletico Portada in 2018 according to an Instagram post on the team’s official account. The post read in part, “With this crack on the bench, enthusiasm, work, and commitment to the club and his team we can assure that they will not be absent.”

After his death the club released a statement which read; “We want to express our deepest condolences to the family, friends and close friends of our coach Francisco Garcia who has left us, unfortunately. Now what do we do without you, Francis? How are we going to continue conquering … in the league? We don’t know how, but we will surely do it for you. We will not forget you, rest in peace, phenomenon. Until forever.”

Francisco Garcia Leukemia

Garcia was diagnosed with leukemia after he was rushed to hospital after showing severe symptoms of COVID-19.

Francisco Garcia Coronavirus

Garcia was advised to seek medical help after he began experiencing trouble breathing. He was diagnosed with both coronavirus and pneumonia. He was also told that he had leukaemia, which increased the level of risk that he was exposed to after contracting the virus.

Garcia is possibly the youngest victim of the coronavirus outbreak to die from the virus in Malaga, where the four other deaths were all patients over the age of 70. Health officials have said the majority of COVID-19 casualties across the world have been among people who are older or have underlying health conditions.

Francisco Garcia Death

Garcia died on March 15, 2020 after testing positive for COVID-19. Atletico Portada Alta club president paid tribute to him, He wrote; “Francisco was a great guy and a very talented coach. We are all still shocked. The hospital rang me at 7 pm on Sunday to say his condition had stabilised, but then an hour later because of the coronavirus and (cancer) … I do not believe it. It seems impossible to me.”

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