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Gloria Williams Biography

Gloria Bolden Williams is the woman who was sentenced to 18 years in prison after kidnapping an infant, Kamiyah Mobley, at Jacksonville’s University Medical Center, now UF Health, just 8 hours after her birth in July 1998. She raised the baby as her own and renamed her Alexis Kelli Manigo.

Gloria Williams Age – How Old is Gloria Williams

Gloria is 53 years old.

Kamiyah Mobley Kidnapper

In July 1998 Gloria Williams abducted Kamiyah Mobley at Jacksonville’s University Medical Center, now UF Health, just 8 hours after her birth. On the day of Kamiyah’s birth, Williams told teen mother Shanara Mobley she was the nurse assigned to her that day. She spent five hours with them before she kidnapped the baby.

Aiken, the girl’s father, walked into the hospital room as Williams was leaving with a swaddled Kamiyah. Williams, who was dressed in medical scrubs, told Aiken she would be right back because she needed to have the baby checked for a fever. As Williams brushed past her, Aiken noticed the large shoulder bag slung over Williams’ shoulder. Aiken had a terrible feeling about that. Twenty minutes later, she and Mobley realized something terrible had just happened when the woman and the newborn did not come back.

At the time the police said that the mother allowed her to take the baby from the room at about 3 p.m. The hospital called police twenty minutes later to report a possible kidnapping.

Gloria raised the child as her own and even named her Alexis Kelli Manigo. She kept the secret to herself until 2015 at the time Alexis was 16 years old and wanted to get a job at Shoney’s. She told Williams she needed her birth certificate and social security card. Williams said it was that time that she sat Alexis down and told her about the truth behind her birth and her abduction. According to court documents, Alexis didn’t want her to turn herself in and even suggested that she run.

“I started crying and she was like ‘What’s wrong?’ I said ‘Sit down I have to tell you something. We were outside on the front porch and I told her, I said, you’re not my daughter. I said I took you a long time ago. She didn’t understand. I guess when I started crying, that’s when she knew like, this isn’t mom, this isn’t her – something’s wrong, something’s truly wrong. It was just too much and I told her then and she still didn’t believe me and I got on the phone and I punched in some websites I guess and I showed her, and she said that does look like me. I said yeah, that’s you.”

Alexis eventually shared the secret. In August and November of 2016, two different tips came into the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children about the Mobley baby from 1998 being alive and well in Walterboro, S.C., with Williams.

In January 2017, Williams received a call from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office stating that they wanted to see both Williams and Kamiyah. When they got to the office, a DNA sample was collected from Kamiyah.

How Much Time Did Gloria Williams Get – Gloria Williams Sentencing

In June 2018 Gloria was sentenced to 18 years in state prison for kidnapping Kamiyah Mobley and was also sentenced to five years in prison on the lesser charge of interference with child custody. Both sentences will run concurrently at the same time so the maximum prison time remains 18 years.

She had pleaded guilty to kidnapping in February and accepted a deal of 0 to 22 years in prison. She had been arrested in January 2017 by detectives from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. She will be given credit for the 511 days that she has already been jailed awaiting the conclusion of her court case.

During her testimony, she revealed that she stole Kamiyah after she had lost custody of her two other children and was in an abusive relationship that led her to miscarry about a month before. After the loss of her pregnancy, she drove to Jacksonville from South Carolina. She sais at the time she had no plans to kidnap a child.

“It was definitely not to take a baby, that’s for sure. I don’t know. I can’t, I mean it was almost 20 years ago. I can’t tell you. I really just cannot tell you what was on my mind.

I was headed home, I took 17, when I got into Walterboro, I don’t know, it just felt like I was on autopilot, and I just headed south. I don’t know, I had no plans, nothing. I don’t know It just felt like I was on auto pilot. I was depressed, I was extremely just depressed and – because my life was out of control, I lost everything. Well, I didn’t lose, at the time I didn’t lose the baby but I lost the boys, and my life was just out of control.”

She said she went to the floor where newborns were and looked at them and thought of the baby she had lost. She wore scrubs from her job at a nursing home in Waterboro and entered the room of 16-year-old Shanara Mobley. She however didn’t know her but the two spoke for some time and she helped Shanara change into a new hospital gown. She said Shanara was concerned about how she would care for her child, they talked for a while about that.

“I don’t know. … I was thinking about, maybe this baby could help Charles [Manigo]. That’s what I was thinking. Then after me and Ms. Mobley was talking it was like she was so young and she was just, wasn’t really sure about what she was going to do, and just my mind said, it wasn’t logical, it definitely wasn’t logical, but for what I was thinking at this time it felt right.”

Talking about Alexis she sais; “Alexis was a doll baby, she was a joy. My mind was just – my mind was gone, it really was. I just thought, you know, this would bring peace to the house, the abuse would stop, the violence would stop and it didn’t. “I just thought to myself I can’t have him around her, I can’t do it, she deserves better and that’s when I had enough courage to leave the relationship. By this time, I had lost everything.”

Williams said she considered returning Kamiyah for years.

“I think fear, just crippling fear and I fell in love with her, I just fell in love with her. I fought with myself for so many years ‘bring her back, bring her back just bring her back’ but it would be something she’d do or something she’d say and I’d be like you know, I just have to nurture her, I just, I don’t know,” Williams said. “I fought with myself for years with that question to try and bring her back. Especially when it first happened. Because I guess I didn’t know what state of mind I was in. For the baby shower, she had received two baby bags and I always kept one of them packed fully with formula and pampers because I just knew they would come to pick her up that week because I knew I wasn’t no cri—this was something I never did, this was out of character and I was going to get caught and I knew it. I thought I was going to get caught that week. For a good six months, it sat in the closet because I knew someone was going to knock on the door, so I kept it so I knew she would be well okay on her way back to Florida.”

Gloria William Husband

Gloria was married to Wernoskie Conevy Williams for six years.

At the time she kidnapped Kamiyah Mobley, she was in a relationship with Charles Manigo. She said the relationship began well but he later began abusing her verbally and physically.

During her testimony she said; “The cursing the calling of the names. You know, you try to love somebody, I always taught if you love somebody they love you back. That just wasn’t the case with him. And I realize that now, you can’t. The only person that can change somebody is God. … it’s 22 years later, I don’t have the bruises anymore, and God has healed my heart. I don’t hate him, but he took me to a place that was dark. And my soul, my spirit was broke, my heart was broke and I don’t wish that on anyone. I lost my kids behind this, I lost my baby. I lost a lot, I lost a lot.

He choked me a couple of times until I passed out. The bruises, I tried to hide the bruises. Yesterday, listening to my family, evidently they saw it. I tried to hide it with clothes and makeup and everything. We were fighting, and he pulled me some kind of way and pulled my arm right out of its socket.”

Gloria William Sons

Gloria has two sons, Andre Bolden and Antoine Bolden, from her marriage to Wernoskie Conevy Williams but she lost the custody battle to her ex-husband because of the abusive relationship she was in with Charles Manigo.

Stolen By My Mother Kamiyah Mobley

“Stolen by My Mother: The Kamiyah Mobley Story” is a Lifetime TV film based on the kidnapping. The movie stars Niecy Nash who plays Gloria Williams, Ta’Rhonda Jones plays Shonara Mobley, the birth mother and Rayven Ferrell plays Kamiyah Mobley.

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