Health Care System in the US

Health Care System in the US plus a Comparison between Obama Care & American Health Care Act of 2017


What is a Health Care System?

Health care system is a foundation or an organization system of people, institutions, and resources that offer health care services to a target population in order to meet their health needs. In the United States of America, the health care system is run by private funds mainly from the individual organizations, private businesses, local government and the federal government. Most of the united state population have a health insurance plan with a large number of citizens insurance covered by the private health insurance plan and the rest receive medical cover from the United States government.

Obama Care Plan

One of the known Health care systems in the United States of America is the Obama health care plan or Obama care plan. This was an affordable care act that was signed by President Barrack Obama in the year 2010. This act made multiple changes to the U.S. healthcare aims to the state is to, expand access to healthcare coverage, to educate about prevention and wellness, ensures that Americans are able to access medical services regardless of their conditions or income, and promotes evidence-based treatment and administrative efficiency in an attempt to curb rising healthcare costs. The bill also targets to reduce a lot of spending on healthcare.

Through the Obama care plan, millions of American populations who suffer every day without the proper health insurance are able to afford better quality health insurance; the system as also helped in the reformation of the health insurance industry and also, it as expanded the Americans healthcare rights. However, this system also faces some challenges too. The system is falling to control health-care costs because Americans are still facing the crisis of obtaining cheap medical coverage. The Obama health care is not getting popularity in the state while others have no trust with it.

American Health Care Act of 2017 by Trump

The trump health care system also is known as the American Health Care Act of 2017 was formed by the acting president of the United States of America Donald trump and passed by the United States House of Representatives. The system care is said to ensure everyone in the state as healthcare coverage and insurance would be sold across all state lines.

Benefits of a Health System

An advantage of the healthcare plan is that it will control the price of pharmaceutical drugs and the Americans will be able to negotiate about it, also people with pre-existing conditions would still be covered. The plan offers free trade with no barriers imposed on traders who sell and supply reliable and safe medical products to the market.


As from the above extract, both the medical health care systems work with a goal of marking all the united states of America citizens attain quality and cheap medical cover regardless of their financial potential. Therefore this will reduce cases of deaths and increase life span among the citizens since anyone who falls sick is able to attain medical services from any background of life and also facilities the drugs that are brought into the market are safe and are attained at a fare negotiable price. A lot needs to be done on these systems since a disease such as chronic disease is treated at a high price.

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