How computers have changed our lives


In the modern days, computers are applied in almost all sectors, and they have significantly impacted our lives. Numerous individuals have exploited them to dissect tremendous measures of information rapidly which have helped spare a considerable measure of time and cash. They play a significant role in the industrial revolution, and thus some people are investing in this kind of technology. All this is because computers have made life a lot easier than earlier.

Computers have made a very significant role in the community, comparing the ancient times with the modern times; we notice that computers have changed our lives. People are using computers to handle different task fast and easy which has led to time-saving and cutting down the spending. With the hoisting innovation, numerous associations are reliant on PCs in various ways like record keeping, security observing, information handling and countless other huge assignments. Then again, individuals are utilizing the PCs to pay their bills online which have decreased the clog in banks and other budgetary establishments.

On the other hand, computers are widely used as education tools. Today, learning has become more comfortable, and many people can access education from the comfort of their homes. Computers have encouraged web-based learning, and individuals are gaining from all parts of the word without setting off to the real organizations. Students can access all kinds of knowledge from the internet through the use of websites like Wikipedia and Google. It is undeniable that computers have impacted our lives in a significant way because they are used in some fields like medical, business, airlines and environment. In conclusion, computers are regarded to be very important in the society, every individual should try to utilize the technology to assist them positively, otherwise, when used inapprpriately, they can lead to maral degradation.


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