Human Trafficking in Recent Times


Human trafficking and associated slavery are rampant in the present times. There is a need for increased awareness of the extent and means of identifying trafficked individuals among other means of countering human trafficking. Slaves work in different economic settings, and every individual has a given number of slaves working for them depending on the type and range of products that they consume. Importantly, I can change my own life to have an impact on antitrafficking activities.
Signs of trafficked individuals include lack of control over their affairs including lack of control over their earnings. Also, coercion by bosses, evidence of fear, depression and excessive submission. Tranchel argues that individual contribution is key to ending slavery through means such as supporting fair trade and avoidance of commodities that are produced by enslaved individuals. Moreover, individuals can support creating community and personal awareness about the existence of human trafficking and means of countering the vice. Notably, supporters of antitrafficking have to familiarise themselves with signs of identifying trafficked individuals with an aim of providing help. Other mechanisms include identifying and reporting suspicious activities by contacting human trafficking resource centers on the same through their hotlines.

It was surprising to find that I got thirty two slaves working for me. The high number of slaves is associated with consumption of commodities such as rice, fruits, sports products, beauty services, hotel services and electronics. Taking the survey reveals that slaves are used in the production of commodities include fruits at the farm level. Others are forced to work as attendants in hotels.

Slavery is rampant in beauty shops, nail polishing and hair making services. Markedly, individuals who utilize the services of sex workers have a high possibility of using slaves services.

Through educating myself on products that are likely to be produced by slaves I can change my own life and avoid supporting human trafficking activities. Also, being concerned about the state of workers who offer me services at salons and restaurants can make me identify signs of physical and mental constraints that can be a starting point of exposing human traffickers. Importantly, I will be on the lookout for online materials containing information on human trafficking to increase my knowledge of signs and reporting frameworks on human trafficking.

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