Ideas for a small bedroom design


The bedroom is the most important room in the house when it comes to an arrangement. When this is not as big and spacious a room as you would like, arranging it becomes a real challenge. In order to implement your favorite style and to have space for all the pieces of furniture you want, you should take into account a set of simple rules and design tricks.

Ideas for a small bedroom design
Ideas for a small bedroom design

There is no strict rule for choosing the color of the bedroom. This is usually done depending on your preferences, possibilities, tastes and the influence colors have on your mood. It is, however, advisable to opt for neutral colors and shades, adding color spots to create an interesting visual contrast.

If you want a relaxing room, choose textiles in light colors, which can create a discreet and pleasant color palette. The role of curtains and drapes is to block natural light and provide more privacy. For a small bedroom, choose long, light-colored curtains made of thick canvas. They will make it look more spacious and airy, merging with the design.

In a small bedroom, it is useless to have a very large carpet, because the furniture already occupies a large part of your space. Instead, choose thin textures and smaller sizes. You can place the carpet in front of the bed, for a more aesthetic framing and choose a different color from the floor.

Arrangement of furniture

The bed – A very important piece that you must take into account in the arrangement of the bedroom is the way you place the furniture, in order for it to be as useful as possible and to ensure easy access to all things. The bed is the basic element, and it must be arranged in a certain way, in order to obtain an ergonomic environment.

The dimensions of the bed contribute a lot to the atmosphere. Usually, it is placed as far away from the door as possible. For a good visual effect and in order to avoid the cold, it is recommended not to place it under the window. The mattress is also an element of priority and will have to be chosen carefully, as this will provide comfort.


There are optimal solutions for storing clothes and accessories without losing much space. Choose a piece of furniture with large mirrors, to create the illusion of widening the space or open support with hangers and shelves. Very large, solid wood dressers are not recommended for small bedrooms, because they take up a lot of space.

Lighting fixtures

The lighting contributes to the perception of the chosen chromatics and it is indicated to be designed in layers: the basic lighting, the working light, which will be more diffuse and, usually, close to the bed or desk – the decorative lighting. An oversized chandelier will make the room look bigger. For small bedrooms with high ceilings, long chandeliers can provide very good lighting and add extra elegance.

It is very important to have a well-established plan when you start arranging. A sketch of the bedroom will help you set priorities and choose the right pieces of furniture and accessories.

Decorative accessories

Choosing accessories and decorations is a very important step because it can define your own personality and style. and, at the same time, highlight the nice sides of the room. You can use candles, storage racks, lamps, which can transform a small room. Very large accessories will make a small bedroom look more spacious.

Lighting fixtures
Lighting fixtures

Everyone has at least one mirror in their bedroom because this is where you dress and prepare for the day. Mirrors look great in a small space and enlarge the room. If you have a free wall, attach a larger mirror, so that you can see yourself in it easily. It can also serve as a decorative accessory for the style you choose.

Choose oversized decor elements

You can beautify your bedroom with the help of decorative pillows, vases, paintings. Remember no to abuse accessories in different categories and colors, so as not to destabilize the space. Choose large objects in simple, light colors, for a warm and harmonious look. Plants are also a very helpful decorative element, which will refresh the room and give it a special naturalness.

Most of the time, the arrangement of the bedroom can be a big challenge, because there are many factors that you must take into account along the way. The secret of a successful arrangement is to combine the useful with the pleasant and find a balance that gives you relaxation.

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