Importance of cellphones for students in Schools


Cellphones are integral in college courses because they offer beneficial aspects to the students. For instance, cell phones help students to stay connected with their families and friends outside the school. The objective of allowing students to have cell phones in school contributes to enhancing the feeling of support and sense of security. Therefore, schools and parents should allow their students to have phones in colleges. However, their usage should be regulated so as not to affect learning among other bad habits such as facilitating cyberbullying.
Besides, cell phones should be allowed in school because they facilitate easy access to information. Most cell phones have internet capabilities that assist students in conducting scholarly research. Furthermore, college students can have a group discussion and complete group work activities by using mobile applications. Students can access the college library among other resourceful databases that facilitate learning. Cellphones can be used as teaching tools to link both teachers and students undertaking a course.

Teachers can use cellphones to message their students about upcoming classes, events, and exams or any other important information that needs to be communicated to them quickly. Moreover, cell phones can be used by students to set reminders for scheduling lectures, exams, and significant academic dates. Also, cell phones can be used by teachers to take polls regarding students’ affairs.

In this regard, college students should be allowed to carry their phones with them in school. However, there are other negative aspects associated with the use of cell phones among college students such as classroom distraction when the phone rings and vibrates. Besides, cell phones can reduce attention among students, but these reasons should not hinder the use of cell phones among college students.

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