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Jaylin Fletcher Biography-Wikipedia

Jaylin Fletcher is an actor, Famously known for Snowpiercer (2020), Saturday Church (2017), and The Female Brain (2017).

At 13 years old, actor Jaylin Fletcher has everything going for him. The actor known for past shows such as Disney Channel’s Coop and Cami Asks the World, as well as break-out roles in The Female Brain opposite Sofia Vergara along with Saturday Church, are a few of the credits listed below his name on IMDb.

The actor’s latest venture is the TNT show Snowpiercer, which is a dystopian thriller and is set seven years after the earth has become a frozen wasteland. It centers on a 1,000 car train that holds the lasts 3,000 humans who remained on earth. As this train circles the globe, class warfare, social injustice, and the politics of survival are showcased. Fletcher plays Miles, a smart and talented young boy, who lives in the tail end of the train.

However, he has the intelligence to move on up in the train if he can land an apprenticeship. Before the futuristic series, there was a Snowpiercer movie that included actors such as Chris Evans (Captain America) and Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures). But! Keep in mind that the series is not a prequel nor a sequel to the movie that was originally released in 2013 by director Bong Joon-ho.

Jaylin Fletcher Age|Birthday

Jaylin is 13 years old as of early 2020. Details regarding his exact date of birth are still under investigation we will update when correct details about his birthday are available.

Jaylin Fletcher Height

Jaylin is still young and growing and his measurements are bound to constantly change. We are keeping close tabs on Jaylin and will update when details regarding his exact measurements are available.

Jaylin Fletcher Parents|Sibllings

James has managed to keep information regarding his family very close to his heart it is not known who and where his parents and siblings are.

Jaylin Fletcher Education

Details regarding where and where and when Jaylin goes to school are still under investigation we will update when accurate information is available.

Jaylin Fletcher Snowpiercer

Aside from working in Snowpiercer, Jaylin Fletcher is also coming out in a new series set to be released on Netflix in 2021 called Clickbait– another thriller/ drama to add to his list of credits. In order to make his role come to life, the young actor spoke about how he preps for his roles in general. Before heading into the audition room, he makes sure to do tons of research of the role and continuously works with an acting coach. He states that working with an acting coach is extremely helpful and helps him read between the lines of the role he has to play. By digging deeper into the character, it helps him understand the character better, which in return helps him act out the role better on screen.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the actor tries to stay busy at home since he’s not able to be on set at the moment because of the state’s quarantine guidelines. While he misses being on set and working with his co-stars, he tries to stay active by playing basketball as much as he can while also spending time with his family – he’s one of five siblings! Since he’s part of a big family, he and his mom have created a company called Fletch5 – an apparel company. The name was created by his mother because she was inspired by the Jackson 5. As of right now, it has not been released to fans but it is definitely in the works and set to be released in the near future.

Jaylin Fletcher Salary And Networth

Details regarding his exact salary and networth are still under investigation.


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