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Jayo Sama Biography

Jayo Sama was an American rapper and record producer born on 1st November 1996. He was popular for his single ‘Intro’ which he released in December 2016. He was shot dead on 27th January 2019 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Jayo released his first song ‘Juice’ in 2016 on SoundCloud which he produced himself. The song is about his origins, drug usage, success in drug dealing and the violence he had been involved in as a drug dealer.

He released his first mixtape “Bringin Drama Vol. 1” in 2016. The mixtape composed of four songs: “Intro”, “You Sleep”, “What It Is”, “Where They At”, and “How you call yourself a shooter”. On 10th December 2016, he released the music video of ‘Intro’ on Youtube.

He began releasing his music videos and songs through WorldStarHipHop in June 2018. He released the music video for the song “What It Is” on 7th June 2018 through WorldStarHipHop’s YouTube channel.

Jayo Sama
Jayo Sama

Jayo Sama Songs

  • No Face No Case
  • Intro
  • We da Mob
  • Suicide Kid
  • What It Is
  • Drama
  • Young Nigga
  • Feds on My Dick
  • You Sleep
  • Home Invasion
  • Soar
  • No Facetime
  • Changed Up
  • Get out Y’all Feelings
  • Don’t Fwm
  • Alien
  • Felons
  • Round of Applause
  • Playing Games
  • Smoke
  • Monsta
  • Pass Me the Gun
  • Fluid
  • Florida Boy
  • Cross the Globe
  • Lit Like a Bic
  • Ride
  • Want My Soul
  • No Looking Back

Jayo Sama Girlfriend

Jayo was in a relationship with Sofia Veronica who pregnant with the couple’s son. Jayo uploaded a photo on his Instagram page where he revealed they were expecting a son. Veronica on her part posted a full video of the gender reveal on her Instagram.


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Jayo Sama Drugs and Arrest

Jayo served time in prison for drug dealing shortly after he dropped out of high school. He was expelled from school for getting into fights although he alleged that he was standing up for kids who were being bullied because they were Haitian as both his parents are from Haiti. During an interview, Jayo said he had been in and out of prison five times.

Jayo Sama Death/ Jayo Sama Shooting

Sama was found with gunshot wounds inside a car in the 72000 block of 72nd Way, close to Palm Beach Lakes High School. According to The Palm Beach Post Sama was found unconscious in the car and was rushed to the hospital where he died. The driver of the car Sama was in fled. The police said they believed the shooting occurred about a half-mile away near 45th Street and Haverhill Road.

His death was announced by one of his friends, 12Honcho through Instagram where he wrote: “”F*** Palm Beach F*** Florida RIP My Lil N**** I Can’t Lose Anymore ….. RIP JAY O!!!!! The Hate Is So Real in the state.”

After his death, Veronica took to Instagram where she posted photos of them and expressed her pain on the caption


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Have y’all ever felt a pain so painful it feels like a thousand knives going through your heart ? A thousand times ? He was my backbone. Nobody had me like he did. Y’all think y’all know jay. But y’all didn’t. Y’all think you know how I feel but you don’t. Stop texting me calling me tagging me in stuff because y’all won’t ACTUALLY pray for me. Y’all will live a happy new day tomorrow when now I will never have a happy day. They say the good die young.. this man heart was big. He was solid to the T. I’m leaving this up to let y’all know he didn’t deserve this. Trust me. He was changing we had plans and was about to move in together in a couple days with our baby stuff and now ? Someone took that away from me and his son. RIP to a man who never let me down. Who loved me HARD and let me know every night. Who fed me when I had nothing. Who held me when I had no one. Who came home when he said he would. Who held my belly every night and told me how we were going to be the next big thing. You think you know how it feels ? YOU don’t. I love you fly high baby❤️

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