Who Is Jeannie Mai Mom? Olivia TuTram Mai Bio, Wiki, Age, Husband, Children


Olivia TuTram Mai Biography – Who Is Mama Mai

Olivia TuTram Mai also known as Mama Mia is the mother of Jeannie Mai who is an American media personality, stylist and talk show host. She is one of the hosts of the syndicated daytime talk show, ‘The Real’. The two had a fallout for eight years but they later reconciled.

Olivia TuTram Mai Age – Mama Mai Age

Mama Mai’s birthday is on June 13.

Olivia TuTram Mai Married –  Mama Mai Husband

Olivia is married to James Mai.

Olivia TuTram Mai Children

Olivia has three children; two sons Daniel Mai and Dennis Mai and a daughter Jeannie Mai.

Olivia TuTram Mai Daughter

Olivia is the mother of Jeannie Mai, an American television personality, stylist and talk show host. She is best known as a host of ‘How Do I Look?’ and as a talk show host of ‘The Real’ alongside Adrienne Houghton, Loni Love, Tamera Mowry-Housley.

Olivia TuTram Mai and her daughter Jeannie Mia
Olivia TuTram Mai and her daughter Jeannie Mia

She was born to a Vietnamese family in America. She began her career as a makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics. She rose ranks to become a celebrity makeup stylist for MTV’s Total Request Live, KCAL Los Angeles, and Good Day Sacramento.

As a host, she began her career as a co-host of the Asian American magazine-style show Stir, on the International Channel. She was later hired by the San Francisco-based California Music Channel to host her own music countdown. She later joined the WB’S The Daily Mixx as an entertainment reporter and producer.

In 2005 she landed her first primetime hosting role on Character Fantasy on the USA Network where she inspired guests each week to live their fantasies.

Jeannie Mai Fall Out With Her Mother (Olivia TuTram Mai)

Jeannie revealed that she had a fallout with her mother when she was 16 years until when she was 24 years old.

“When I was sixteen, my mom and I, Mama Mai, who you guys know is my ride or die, my best friend, my icon today. She and I had a major falling out because she wasn’t supportive of me when I needed her most at that time. We disowned each other when I was sixteen. And literally, until I was 24, we avoided each other like the plague.”

Jeannie Mai Sexual Assault

During an episode on her Youtube channel during a sit down with her mother Jeannie revealed that she was sexually assaulted by a male cousin when she was just 9-years-old and her mother refused to believe her. This was the cause of their 8 years rift.

Jeannie said her then 16-year-old cousin started touching her thighs one day after he sat very close to her while they were playing video games. She said the abuse lasted for years. He would take off her clothes, expose himself to her and force her to touch him.

Jeannie revealed that after she told her mother about the assault she didn’t believe her and even claimed that she was confused and didn’t see anything bad about him.

“I began to get angry because now I’m telling my mom that he’s taking off my clothes, and you said, ‘I don’t believe you’. “In that moment, I was about 15. I remember distinctly those words, ‘I don’t believe you. He wouldn’t do that. That’s your cousin. This is in your head.’ I felt by myself. I even got to a point where I started to ask myself, ‘Did I imagine these things?’”

Jeannie revealed that she left home and didn’t speak to her mother. Olivia said that maybe she loved the boy more than she loved Jeannie since he was an orphan.

”I loved him more than I love you because at that time I think he has no parents, you have mother and father…but him he had nobody.”

Olivia TuTram Mai Leaves With Her Daughter

Jeannie revealed that she was living with her mother since she divorced her husband Freddy Harteis in 2017. She, however, revealed that it was hard to date with her mother around as she is nosy.

“It’s horrible dating with Mama Mai! She is nosy. When I was a kid she would be the first one eavesdropping on my phone calls: ‘Hello? Who you call for? Huh?’ Still today, every time my phone goes off, we dive for it and lose nails ’cause she’s the one looking to see who I’m dating.”

Olivia TuTram Mai Instagram – Mama Mai Instagram

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