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Jeon Mi Seon Biography

Jeon Mi Seon was a South Korean actress who was best known for her supporting roles in films including “Mother,” Memories of Murder,” Hide and Seek,” and “Bungee Jumping of Their Own.” She was found dead on June 29 in a hotel in Jeonju. She allegedly committed suicide, according to a local media she was found hanged in the bathroom.

Jeon Mi Sun made her acting debut in 1990 and has a celebrated filmography of films, dramas, and plays. Her most-recent drama was tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “He Is Psychometric” and her film “The King’s Letters” is slated to be released in July.

Jeon Mi Seon Age

Jeon was 48 years old at the time of her death; she was born on December 7, 1970, Seoul, South Korea.

Jeon Mi Seon Husband

Mi Seon was previously married to Sang-hun Park.

Jeon Mi-Seon Death – Jeon Mi-Seon Died

Jeon died on June 29, 2019. Her manager raised the alarm after the actress went missing for two days, he added that she was suffering from depression. Local media reported that she was found hanging in the bathroom of her hotel room.

A source from the North Jeolla fire department stated; “It was around 11:43 a.m. KST when we received the call and were dispatched. She was not breathing, unconscious, had no pulse, and her heart was not beating when we arrived. The ECG (electrocardiogram) showed a state of asystole. She was not moved to the hospital and we have handed the case over to the police.”

Jeonju police confirmed her death but said they had not completed their initial investigations or come to a conclusion about the cause. They confirmed that she checked in for two days, said that there were no signs of forced entry, but added that no suicide note had been found.

The police also added that she had been largely depressed after losing a family member; “It seems Jeon has been largely depressed as she recently lost a family member while her mother has been ill in bed.”

Her management, Boas Entertainment released an official statement regarding the passing of the actress saying;

“Hello, this is Jeon Mi Sun’s agency Boas Entertainment. We come with bad news. Actress Jeon Mi Sun has passed away at the age of 50 (by Korean reckoning). She has been receiving treatment for depression. However, we are here with sad news today. We ask for your condolences, and we ask the media to refrain from reporting on unconfirmed rumors and speculations out of respect for her family, who are in shock and grief-stricken. We will share more information once plans for her funeral parlor are set.”

Jeon Mi Seon Movies and TV Shows

Jeon Mi Seon Movies

  1. Well, Let’s Look at the Sky Sometimes as Eun-kyung
  2. Theresa’s Lover as Jin-hee
  3. No Emergency Exit as Eun-ji
  4. Sado Sade Impotence as Young-mi
  5. The Young Man as Jin-yi
  6. Christmas in August as Ji-won
  7. Bungee Jumping of Their Own as Seo In-woo’s wife
  8. Memories of Murder as Kwak Seol-young
  9. A Wacky Switch as Lee Dong-hwa’s ex-wife
  10. Love Is a Crazy Thing as Eo-jin
  11. Mission Sex Control as Soon-yi
  12. BA:BO as Seung-ryong’s mother
  13. City of Damnation as Park Jong-ki’s wife
  14. On Next Sunday as Choi So-ra’s mother
  15. Mother as Mi-seon
  16. The Executioner as Yoon-sun
  17. Wedding Dress as Ji-hye
  18. Funny Neighbors as Jo Mi-ra
  19. A Piano On the Sea
  20. Hide and Seek as Min-ji
  21. The Last Ride as Go-hwan’s Mother
  22. My Last Love as Hwa-yeon
  23. Our Country’s Language as Queen Sohun

Jeon Mi Seon TV Shows

  • BC Best Theater “What Is Santa Claus?”
  • Land as Lee Bong-soon
  • Encounter
  • Country Diaries (until 2002) as Sook-yi
  • Years of Ambition
  • West Wind
  • Eyes of Dawn as Oh Soon-ae
  • To Give Over Campfire as Kang Soo-hee
  • Eldest Sister
  • Until We Can Love as Lee Yoo-mi
  • Drama Game “Stronger Than Death” as Mo-ran
  • MBC Best Theater “Sallie and Suzie” as Suzie
  • MBC Best Theater “설사약 권하는 사회” as Unmarried woman
  • Hometown Legends “Gokseong Tomb”
  • MBC Best Theater “Destiny” as Madam Kang
  • Emperor Wang Gun as Queen Sinmyeongsunseong
  • Miss Mermaid as Jin Sun-mi
  • Rustic Period as Park Gye-sook
  • Screen as Park Joo-young
  • Briar Flower as Kim Soo-ok
  • Hwang Jini as Jin Hyun-geum
  • My Love as Jang Mi-ran’s coworker
  • East of Eden as Lee Jung-ja
  • The Accidental Couple as Cha Yun-kyung
  • King of Baking, Kim Takgu as Kim Mi-sun
  • Royal Family as Im Yoon-seo
  • Ojakgyo Family as Kim Mi-sook
  • Girl K as Cha In-sook
  • Poseidon as Park Min-jung
  • Moon Embracing the Sun as Jang Nok-young
  • The Thousandth Man as Gu Mi-seon
  • Five Fingers as Song Nam-joo
  • Pure Love as Kim Sun-mi
  • Passionate Love as Yang Eun-sook
  • The Full Sun as Baek Nan-joo
  • More Than a Maid as Lady Yoon
  • Who Are You: School 2015 as Song Mi-kyung
  • The Return of Hwang Geum-bok as Hwang Eun-sil
  • Reply 1988 as Adult Sung Bo-ra
  • Six Flying Dragons as Boon-yi’s Mother

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