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John Singleton Children/ John Singleton Kids

John Singleton the American film director, screenwriter, and producer best known for directing Boyz n the Hood (1991) was a father of seven. He was the first African American to be nominated for Best Director at the Academy Awards and was also the youngest at the age of 24.

His children include daughter Justice Maya and son Maasai with his former partner Tosha Lewis, daughter Hadar with his ex-wife Akosua Gyamama Busia, and another daughter, Isis, with model Mitzi Andrews. He is also father to a daughter named Cleopatra and another two sons.

1. Justice Maya Singleton

Justice Maya is the eldest child of John Singleton who was born on October 17, 1992. Her mother is John’s former partner Tosha Lewis. She is a writer, comedian, poet and director.

As a writer, she regularly publishes essays on the Medium website. Her latest essay was about the death of rapper Nipsey Hussle and his subsequent impact on the West Coast which was titled ‘We Can Rise Above Concrete’.

She has also worked on films and tv projects but her most notable credit is on the Oscar-nominated film Selma. Her other work includes; Til Death as co-producer, Shoutouts as a producer and Night Shift as a key production assistant.


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Dear Justice, I heard you’re a lot to love. That you love a lot . I see you kinda romantic, soulful, old school, extra, black. I hear you talk a lot about love. I heard that you write love songs in your phone. That you sing Marvin and scream Whitney/Anita Baker. I heard you watch anything with a good ending or featuring Hugh Grant. That you believe in love the second you wake up. That you fall in love the second you fall asleep. I hear you dig laying in sun and rising in the moonlight. I heard you too comfortable being naked. I heard once you stop loving somebody, you continue to pray for them. I heard you rarely ever stop loving. Everyone who knows you knows you like to talk shit and cuddle. I get it. You gotta give a lot love to make ya world a warmer and funny place. I heard your heart breaks, a lot. That pain causes your heart to have doubt. That you think sometimes it should be smaller have walls, fences, locks, but still you are wide open like an ocean. You keep it real. You got feelings— swim in em, gurl! I think you should know. You deserve it all. And I’m looking at you everyday to tell you— that you are a whole package and I am going to give you your greatest love— Your True Self. All ways. Always! ❤️ loving photos 📷 by @jovonrashaad curated by @saschalee13

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2. Maasai Mohandas Singleton

Maasai Mohandas Singleton is the elder son of John and his second born child. He is also the second child of John and his former partner Tosha Lewis. Maasai was born on April 3, 1994. He attended USC graduating with a BFA in screenwriting. He also appeared on his father’s 2001 drama ‘Baby Boy’.

Prior to him graduating he wrote an open letter to Black Girl Nerds explaining why he had set a GoFundMe account and whey he needed help to raise cash to fund his college education.

In his letter he wrote that his father was given full custody of him at the age of eleven and he promised his grandfather that he would educate him but due to his weakness to a jealous and manipulative person in his life he stopped paying.

“When I was eleven years old, my father went to court to take custody of me from my mother and he made a promise to my grandfather that he would educate me. It was my family’s one solace in being separated from me. But because of his own weakness to a jealous and manipulative person in his life, my father has decided to stop paying tuition in my last semester of college and to tell me only one month before the semester was to begin.”

3. Hadar Busia-Singleton

Hadar Busia-Singleton is the third child of John Singleton and his first and only child with his ex-wife Akosua Busia who is a U.K based Ghanaian actress. Hadar was born on 3rd April 1997.

She attended the Interlochen Arts Academy. She is an actress, she made her film debut in the 2003 drama ‘Tears of the Sun’ which is only her acting credit.

In 2015 John sued Akosua for the child support decrease. The judge agreed to halve his monthly obligation for Hadar. It was reduced to $2,100 a month from $4,000.

According to court fillings the judge said; “The court finds there is a material change in circumstance regarding the child support order contained in the judgment entered March 18, 1998 and the modification of support entered January 28, 2002, based upon petitioner’s decrease in income, and the amount of tuition now being paid for Hadar.”

4. Cleopatra Singleton

Cleopatra Singleton is the fourth child of John. She was born in 1998. Her mother is not to the public. She is a Sophomore in College and has also appeared in one of her father’s films, Baby Boy.

She grabbed attention after she made claims that her grandmother Sheila Ward was misrepresenting her father’s medical condition as she seeked to be named John’s conservator.

“[Sheila Ward] has abused this position particularly pertaining to the support of his children. Sadly my father’s allowed his mother to stay in that position out of fear and obligation to her as she’s bullied and abandoned my father since he was small child, leaving him emotionally defenseless. She had already stated that she plans to liquidate his assets immediately and leave his children with nothing, even to go as far as to sell his house and remove his girlfriend and infant son the premises.”

5. Isis Singleton

John Singleton had a daughter with Canadian based actress Mitzi Andrews named Isis Singleton. She was born in 2010 although there is less information about her.

6. John also has two other children whose information is unavailable. Although one of the son’s is one year old with his girlfriend.

According to Cleopatra’s claim John’s girlfriend and their son lived together with John in his house. “She (Sheila Ward) had already stated that she plans to liquidate his assets immediately and leave his children with nothing, even to go as far as to sell his house and remove his girlfriend and infant son the premises.”

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