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Kara Scott is one of the most popular figureheads in the world of poker. Having broadcasted for major US television networks, covering major poker events like the World Series of Poker (WSOP), Scott is a hugely successful poker player in her own right, winning hundreds of thousands of dollars in live Texas Hold’em poker tournaments. 

Within this biography, we will explore her TV and poker career to date and what the future holds for the Canadian personality.

Kara Scott Age

Kara Scott was born on 11 August 1977 in northern Alberta, Canada. She lived in Canada until she was 22 when she moved to the UK to forge a career as a schoolteacher.

Kara Scott Education

Having grown up in a modest town in Alberta, Scott enrolled in the University of Calgary to study for a degree in Education and Linguistics. She passed her course with flying colours and immediately after graduating set sail for a new life teaching in British schools across London.

In between teaching roles, Scott discovered that television broadcasting was a more fulfilling career path for her and immediately caught the eye in auditions in the mid-2000s.

Kara Scott Nationality

Although Kara Scott was born in Alberta, Canada, she also obtained dual-nationality status by securing British citizenship. However, Scott has lived in five countries throughout her lifetime – Canada, UK, US, Italy and, more recently, Slovenia.

Kara Scott Net Worth

It is hard to ascertain Kara Scott’s overall net worth, but her overall earnings from live tournament poker are common knowledge. At the time of writing, Scott has raked in $664,795. Her biggest live cash in a Texas Hold’em poker event was back in 2009 at a tournament in Dublin, Ireland. Scott finished in second place, taking home a cool $413,612 in prize money.

Kara Scott Career

Upon graduation, Kara Scott chose to move to live and work in London as a teacher in some inner-city schools. Having trained for three years at university back in Calgary, this was a natural progression for Scott, but in a recent interview with inLjubljana, she confessed that teaching left her unfulfilled and pushed her to explore alternative avenues of work.

In 2005, she was successful with an audition to become a television presenter for a show based on backgammon. Scott admitted years later that she knew nothing about the game, but her passion for card games like Texas Hold’em poker meant that she was able to adapt easily to discussing this age-old board game. Scott eventually became the face of the World Series of Backgammon for a British broadcaster. It was this role that would eventually see her headhunted to work on a show called “Poker Night Live” on the Five network.

The highly-coveted World Series of Poker Main Event bracelet SOURCE: Photo, flipchip, CC BY-SA 3.0
The highly-coveted World Series of Poker Main Event bracelet SOURCE: Photo, flipchip, CC BY-SA 3.0

Following her success on Poker Night Live and her coverage of major events on the European Poker Tour and High Stakes Poker cash games involving some of the biggest names in Texas Hold’em, Scott has since become a key anchor for ESPN. Her warm and engaging personality has made it possible for ESPN’s coverage of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas to get up close and personal with poker’s superstars.

For several years now, Scott has been heavily involved in ESPN’s broadcasts of the WSOP Main Event, which is the headline event in the entire WSOP schedule, attracting thousands of entries worldwide for the $10,000-buy-in tournament. Since the implementation of the “November Nine” WSOP Main Event final table, Scott has also evolved from being exclusively a reporter on the sidelines to a live commentator. Scott also provided play-by-play coverage of the Super High Roller Bowl for NBC, becoming the first female poker analyst on the network and something of a trailblazer for women in the poker industry.

In 2016, Scott then signed on the dotted line to become the latest ambassador for the 888poker platform. Around the time of the announcement, Scott said that she was a “big believer” in “how much fun poker can be” and had “long been impressed” with its commitment to delivering a “great player experience”. 888poker is certainly one of the fastest-growing poker platforms, with more than 10 million members registered for the cash games and multi-table tournaments.

In the same year as her appointment as the brand ambassador, Scott was entered into the 888poker LIVE event in London. She would go on to finish third in an initial “London Local” event before coming 13th in the “Main Event” later that year. Last year, Scott was invited to take part in the operator’s “Ladies Event” at the 888poker LIVE Barcelona event. She ended up taking the tournament down for a $1,407 first prize.

Away from poker, Scott married Italian Giovanni Rizzo. The pair met when they were ambassadors for the same poker room and hit it off together during major events. Having been friends for several years, Scott – who also has Italian roots of her own on her mother’s side – and Rizzo got together and eventually married.

Today, Scott and her husband live in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Scott has waxed lyrical in recent interviews about how much she “adores” the lifestyle in Slovenia, noting the “random joy” in the city that’s always lurking “around the corner”. She also compares living in Slovenia to her upbringing on a quiet modest farm in northern Alberta. As one of the leading female poker personalities along with Courtney Friel, Scott continues to lead the way for budding female poker players, regularly travelling to California and Las Vegas to cover the biggest events on the world stage.

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