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Chris Bro Biography-Wiki

Chris Bro is the husband to American Journalist Kate Snow.Kate Snow is an American weekday anchor for MSNBC Live, as well as an Emmy-winning National Correspondent for NBC News and anchor of NBC Nightly News, Sunday editions. Her reporting appears across all platforms of NBC News and MSNBC, and she serves as a fill-in anchor for Nightly News and TODAY..
Apart from being named National Correspondent in 2013, Snow was a correspondent for the primetime news magazine, Rock Center with Brian Williams.
Chris launched a 24hour radio service called, punkrock Radio. Because he believed that the world had a punk rock radio channel, the channel was started by chris. It is. Fans love them since they don’t conduct any ads.

Chris Bro Age

Details regarding his exact age and date of birth are still under investigation we will update when accurate information is available.

Chris Bro Height

He stands at a fair height and has a fair body weight to match his height.

Chris Bro Education


When asked about why he started because his radio channel, punkrock Radio,” Chris said “It’s ‘s actually a fantastic mixture of time in my own life.

Chris Bro Corona Wife

He is Married To Kate Snow .Kate Snow is an American television journalist for NBC News, serving as the Senior National Correspondent contributing to all NBC platforms, including TODAY, NBC Nightly News, Dateline NBC and MSNBC. Snow also anchors the Sunday edition of NBC Nightly News, and frequently substitutes for the weekday broadcast..

Chris Bro Corona Kids

Chris Bro Corona Virus

NBC anchor Kate Snow has opened up about her husband Chris Bro’s brutal battle with suspected coronavirus – while admitting that she is growing increasingly nervous about his condition, and about the health and welfare of their children.

The 50-year-old TV star revealed in a social media video on Sunday evening that her husband had developed coronavirus symptoms, explaining to NBC Nightly News viewers that she would not be anchoring the show because she was staying home to care for him.

And now, Snow has shared more details about her husband’s illness, revealing that she is ‘nervous’ about his symptoms, despite knowing that he is incredibly fit and healthy.

‘Chris is a very healthy 50-year-old who works out a lot. ‘He’s been told by physicians that he has the heartbeat of an athlete (and indeed he was a college soccer player),’ she shared in a piece written for Today.com, while revealing that she first noticed something was wrong on Thursday, when Bro said he wasn’t feeling well, and then developed red eyes.

‘But right now he is quite sick. He says that moving hurts. Sleeping hurts. He’s had trouble finding a comfortable sleeping position and often wakes early. He has a dry cough. He has chills. He’s lost his sense of smell and taste. Even chocolate, his favorite thing on Earth, tastes disgusting.’

However, Snow notes that there are some positive aspects about her husband’s condition – namely that Bro, who is currently quarantined in the basement guest room of their Westchester home, has not developed a fever and is not currently having any difficulty breathing.

Snow revealed that she and Bro are monitoring his blood oxygen level using an app called Oximeter, which was recommended by their doctor. Bro has been checking his levels every few hours, and is currently at 99; if he dips to 95, she will have to take him to the hospital.

In a healthy person, oxygen saturation measures greater than 95 per cent, but some patients with COVID-19 see their blood-oxygen levels drop, Snow’s doctor said that is a sign that Bro needs to go to hospital.

And that, right now, is her ‘biggest fear’ – not only because she is afraid for her husband, but because that would mean that she would be forced to leave their two teenage children alone.


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