Who is Katlyn Alix: Police Officer Shot and Killed by a colleague, Military Career, Family


katlyn Alix Biography/ Who is katlyn Alix

Katlyn Axis was a 24-year-old police officer who was accidentally shot and killed by one of her fellow on-duty officers. At the time of the shooting Katlyn was off duty and had gone to the home of one of the on-duty officer who was home with another colleague who was also on duty. According to KMOV-TV one of the officers allegedly ‘mishandled a gun’ leading to Katlyn to be shot. Katlyn graduated from the St’ Louis Police Academy in 2017. She was assigned to the second district in patrol according to the post-dispatch report.

katlyn Alix
katlyn Alix

Katlyn Alix Family

Alix was married according to a registry in her name which shows that she got married in October 2018. According to St. Louis Police, Alix was married and is survived by her husband, mother, father, sister.

Katlyn Alix Military

According to KMOV-TV and a photo released by Alix’s family Katlyn served as in the U.S. military. According to a tweet on KMOV-TV Twitter page. Katlyn served as both a police officer and a member of the military.

“She served her community and her nation with dignity and courage both as a police officer and as a member of the military. That is how she lived, as a hero. And, for now, that is all anybody needs to know.”

Katlyn Alix Shooting / Katlyn Alix Death

Katlyn was shot dead on 24th January 2018 by one of an on-duty officer as he allegedly “mishandled a gun,” leading Katlyn Alix to be shot. The home is located in the Carondelet neighborhood. According to The St. Louis Post Dispatch the shooting happened in the living room. It is not clear why the male officers were at the home if they were on duty. It’s also not clear why Katlyn Alix was there.

The police chief said: “What’s going on is that two on-duty officers went by one of their homes. They were on duty. While they were at that particular home, an off-duty female officer came to that home. While they were there at that home there was, what we understand to be, an accidental discharge. The female off-duty officer was shot in the chest and she was brought to the hospital by those officers. Upon arrival shortly thereafter she was pronounced deceased.”

The St. Louis Police Department wrote on Twitter, “An SLMPD officer has been transported to an area hospital suffering from a gunshot wound. no information on a condition. We will provide additional information as it comes available.”

They later followed it up with: “We are deeply saddened to announce that the officer transported to the hospital has succumbed to her injuries. We ask that you keep the officer’s family and the entire SLMPD in your thoughts and prayers as we mourn the loss of our officer and friend.”

Though Twitter Chief John Hayden offered a memorial tribute to Alix. He said Katlyn was an enthusiastic and energetic young woman and in her honor members of the #SLMPD would be wearing the Department mourning band.

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