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Who Is Kelly Henderson

Kelly Henderson is a friend to Kristin Cavallari and is featured in season two of Very Cavallari on E! She is a lifestyle blogger, podcast host, makeup artist, hairstylist, and wardrobe director.

Kelly Henderson Age/ Kelly from Very Cavallari Age/ How Old is Kelly from Very Cavallari

Kelly is 36 years old; she was born on 11th July 1982 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kelly Henderson Nashville

Kelly hails from Nashville, she was born in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kelly Henderson Family

Kelly is the eldest daughter of Rhonda Henderson. The names of her father or other family members are not in the public domain. Most of her family lives in Texas.

Kelly Henderson Education

Kelly attended Louisiana State University where she graduated from with a degree in Mass Communication and a minor in Public Relation.

Kelly Henderson Career

Kelly interned in the music industry in Nashville, Tennessee. After graduation, she was appointed as a public relations executive for a modelling firm. While at the firm she met a make-up artist who taught her make-up skills.

Kelly Henderson Net worth

Kelly has an estimated net worth of $ 550,000 as of 2018.

Kelly Henderson Cavallari/ Kelly Very Cavallari/ Kristin Cavallari Friend Kelly

Kelly Henderson is best friend with reality star Kristin Cavallari and appears on Kristin’s show ‘Very Cavallari’. The storyline behind Kelly revolves dating as Kelly is single. The two partake in typical BFF discussions about dating and whether or not to sleep with a guy on the first date.

Kelly Henderson Model

When Kelly was young she did model, on her blog’s FAQ section she wrote:

“I did model when I was younger and I DO smile in pictures!! I do think because of my modelling background, I really love to create beautiful images. I love images that convey certain feelings and a lot of times that is a place for me to channel my inner badass and kind of use it as an artistic expression. You know, sort of like how Beyonce talks about Sasha Fierce? That’s how I feel about pictures and being that sexy, bold, strong, brave women on the other side of the camera.”

Kelly Henderson Lifestyle Blog

Kelly is a lifestyle blogger who runs Velvet’s Edge which is a blog that features advice on life and dating, travel tips and fitness and health content. On the blog, she also runs a shop where readers can buy the looks featured on Very Cavallari.

On her FAQ section on the blog, she revealed that she is not the only person who writes for Velvet’s Edge. She revealed that she started the blog with another girl, April, who is an Interior Designer. They later brought in a fitness writer, Olivia and a news writer, Lori. Soon after April and Lori had babies and they decided to focus more on their kids.

She said that recently she normally have guest contributors, who are all women she admires and each do short series in the areas of their expertise.

Kelly Henderson Podcast

Kelly hosts a podcast Velvet’s Edge on her blog.

Kristin Cavallari Friend Kelly Henderson Job

Kelly is a hair and makeup artist in Nashville, TN. Her job consists of grooming, which means hair and makeup for men, she also works with some women although her celebrity client base is occupied mostly by men. Some of her clients have included and include: Dierks Bentley, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, Kip Moore, Kelsea Ballerini, Aubrie Sellers, Tucker Beathard, Sam Palladio, the cast of Nashville, CMT, GAC.

Her work has been featured in Glamour Magazine, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, US Weekly and more!

Kelly Henderson EX Fiancee Football Player/ Kelly Henderson Fiance

Kelly’s ex-fiancee was a football player and Kelly and Kristin friendship span from hanging out at Vanderbilt, because Kristin was dating Jay who played football there, and Kelly’s fiancé at the time also played there.

The two were engaged to be married but they divorced three months prior to the wedding. He was cheating on Kelly during their relationship. Kelly confided in Kristian and the rest of her friends during their trip to Palm Springs, which was aired on this week’s episode of Very Cavallari. She said it has been very difficult to put herself out there again after her ex-fiancee.

Kelly Henderson Boyfriend

Kelly is not in a relationship but her friend Kristin and her husband Jay Cutler are helping her find a partner. Kelly, however, said she has no time to date but Jay said is determined to find a Mr Right for her. He told her. “I feel like there’s a lot of complaining and what-ifs. You just gotta get out there and do it.” Kristin tried defending her saying that she dates but Jay disagreed saying she dates people in her little bubble, in her little circle. So he offered to help.

Jay offered to take Kelly out and introduce her to new guys. When asked if he knew her type he said: “Someone that’s confident in who they are. Someone that’s independent, has their own thing going on. He’s got an artistic streak to him. He leans more toward skinny jeans. I don’t wanna say he’s a hipster, because he might have a corporate job where he wears slim, nice fitting suits.” Jay then offered to manage Kelly’s dating profiles for her.

Bobby Bones and Kelly Henderson Dating

Bobby Bones and Kelly are not dating. Bobby will appear on Kelly’s podcast on 21st April where they will talk about dating.

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