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Kimberly Jordinson Bio – Who Is Patrick Shanahan Wife

Kimberly Jordinson is the ex-wife of Patrick Shanahan, who was the U.S. acting Defense Secretary until June 18, 2019, when he withdrew his nomination following an investigation by FBI on a domestic dispute from nine years ago involving him and Kimberly. She is the owner of KGJ Interior Design and KGJ Properties Management.

Kimberly Jordinson Age

Kimberly is 56 years old; she was born on December 13, 2019

Kimberly Jordinson Job

Kim attended Virginia Tech where she studied Human Resource. She began her career at the NRA where she quickly rose to ranks. She later moved to DFI, a management consulting company in D.C. where she became a senior partner. She then moved to Heidrick & Struggles where she helped build and later ran their telecom practice.

Due to her success at Heidrick & Struggles, she was recruited to MCI transitioning to Director of Strategy, where she was responsible for building out wireless capability.

She later joined Korn/Ferry International’s Human Resources Center of Expertise as a client partner after Verizon acquired MCI. Within a year she was promoted to Senior Client Partner and Managing Director. She soon left and founded KGJ Interior Design and KGJ Properties Management.

Kimberly Jordinson Husband – Patrick Shanahan wife

Kimberly was married to Patrick Shanahan for 22 years before they separated in 2010 and later divorced. Patrick is an American official who was serving as Acting U.S. Secretary of Defense since January 1, 2019. He was appointed by President Donald Trump after the resignation of Retired General James N. Mattis. He previously served as Deputy Secretary of Defense for two years (2017-2019). Prior to joining the government, he served various roles at Boeing for 30 years.

In May 2019 the White House announced that Shanahan would be appointed as permanent secretary, but the paperwork was never officially sent to the Senate. On June 18, 2019, he withdrew his nomination following an FBI investigation against domestic dispute against his former wife, Kimberly.

President Donald Trump tweeted that Patrick had decided not to go forward with the confirmation. He also thanked him for his outstanding service.

“Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan, who has done a wonderful job, has decided not to go forward with his confirmation process so that he can devote more time to his family… I thank Pat for his outstanding service and will be naming Secretary of the Army, Mark Esper, to be the new Acting Secretary of Defense. I know Mark, and have no doubt he will do a fantastic job!”

Kimberly Jordinson Children

Kimberly together with her former husband Patrick Shanahan has three children; a son William Jordinson and two daughters Caili, and Jordan. After the divorce, Kimberly won the custody of the children and moved them to Florida. When Jordan went to college she joined her father in Seattle. In 2014 she lost custody of her youngest daughter Caili.

Patrick Shanahan Domestic Violence

According to USA Today, the FBI had been investigating a violent domestic dispute from nine years ago between Shanahan and his then-wife Kimberly.

According to court filings and police reports both Jordinson and Shanahan acknowledged that on Aug. 28, 2010, they had a late night argument after both had been drinking.

During the argument, Jordinson ordered Shanahan to leave their home and began to throw his clothes and other belongings out the front door. Shanahan also told police that night Jordinson tried to light the pile of clothing on fire.

Jordinson said that before Shanahan left the house, he went to retrieve a briefcase from a closet near the bathroom where she was getting ready for bed.

“We have had arguments over this briefcase and its contents before. I did not want him to take the briefcase. I picked up the briefcase and Pat slugged me in the stomach. I stood up and he tried to hit me in the stomach twice more, but the briefcase was in the way. … Pat eventually yanked the briefcase from my hands, breaking my fingernails.”

Jordinson claimed that she called out to her son who “appeared with a baseball bat” to defend his mother. She later called the police and that’s when the confrontation ended.

Shanahan on his part claimed that after he packed his car with the clothing and other belongings tossed in the front yard he went to the bathroom to gather toiletries that had been strewn across the bathroom floor by his wife, who “continued to drink.”

“I took belongings out of my closet. When I started to carry my briefcase and other items to the car, Kim attacked me. I did not hit her in the stomach or anywhere. I tried to exit the house to put the briefcase in the trunk of my car but she wouldn’t let go. … Kim followed me outside and then punched me repeatedly in the face. I told her to get away from me and to leave me alone.”

He told the police that his wife continued to swing at him but he didn’t retaliate; “I defended myself by blocking her punches with my hand.”

According to the officers dispatched to the family home, they said that Jordinson, not Shanahan, was the aggressor, producing photographs of his bloodied nose, blood-stained hand and scratched chin. The officers also said they found no apparent injuries and noted that her description of the attack was inconsistent.

“Though she stated that she was struck in the stomach, she demonstrated she was struck on her face”. The police said and also added that Jordinson appeared to be intoxicated.

After the incidence Jordinson was arrested on a domestic assault charge. The case was dropped the following years due to “proof problems,” though Shanahan wrote in court filings that he had asked them to do so.

During an interview with USA Today in May, Jordinson maintained her version claiming that Shanahan dragged her from the couple’s home, mocked her and grabbed her wrists after he locked the briefcase in the trunk of his car.

“I was like fighting … trying to get my wrists loose, and, um, he was just shaking me, saying, ‘You’re a joke! You’re a joke! You’re a joke!’ Then I got one hand loose, and that’s when he punched me … in the stomach.”

Kimberly Jordinson Criminal Charges

In 2014 Kimberly was charged with burglary and criminal mischief in separate disputes with a former business partner.

On August 23, 2014, Kimberley was on the phone with Eric Goodman, who was her business partner, and they had an argument. Kimberly later texted him “get your piece of shit car out of my driveway.”

Goodman had stored his 2003 Mercedes C230 at her house on 109 N Warbler Lane. When he returned to pick it up, the front and rear windshield were busted out and there were numerous dents around the vehicle.

An eyewitness told the police that he saw Kimberley with “a medium-sized sledgehammer methodically circling a Mercedes Benz that was parked in her driveway” and that he observed “Jordinson strike all sides of the Mercedes, including the front and back windshields, with a sledgehammer”

On December 19, 2014, Kimberly was arrested and charged with burglarizing an unoccupied structure and damaging property worth $1,000 or more.

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