Who Is Lee Anderson Clemson (Zion Williamson Step Father) Wiki, Bio, Basketball, Wife, Children


Lee Anderson Clemson Biography

Lee Anderson Clemson is a former Clemson basketball player. He is the stepfather of  Zion William son, during the 2019 NBA Draft he was selected first overall in the 2019 NBA Draft by the Pelicans.

Lee Anderson Wife (Sharonda Sampson)

Lee is married to Sharonda Sampson, she is a middle school health teacher in Greenville. She is an athlete who ran track at Livingston College and coached Zion until he got to high school.

Lee Anderson Children

Lee is the stepfather of Zion Williamson and has a child withSharonda known as Noah, he is 13 younger than Zion.

In 2017 Noah fell asleep in his father’s arms as he was coaching an AAU game and the moment went viral. USA Today noted;

“Noah is Zion Williamson’s 3-year-old half-brother. Noah managed to sleep through all the hoopla in the arms of dad Lee Anderson, who was coaching SC Supreme at the time. Noah’s ability to snooze despite the noise and overflow crowd did not go unnoticed on social media.”

Lee Anderson Zion Williamson

Lee is the stepfather of Zion Williamson. Williamson is an American basketball player who plays for the New Orleans Pelicans of the National Basketball Association (NBA). On June 20, 2019, he was selected first overall in the 2019 NBA Draft by the Pelicans.

In 2017 during Father’s day, Zion posted a photo of himself with his stepfather coaching him with the caption; “Happy Father’s Day to my stepdad, who has been there for me since I was 4, teaching me the game I love and showing me how to be a man. To my real dad, idk if he will see this, but happy Father’s Day, always will have love for ya💯”

Lee Anderson Was Surprise Zion Wanted To Play at Duke Over Clemson

After Zion chose to play college basketball at Duke Anderson said he was surprised by Zion’s final decision as he thought he would join Clemson.

“At first, I thought Clemson was the ideal place for Zion. At first, that’s what I thought. I still believe that, I really believe that. But it wasn’t me making that decision. When Zion walks on that campus and goes to sleep on that campus and wakes up on that campus and realizes, ‘Hey, I’m here, this is for real,’ I want to make sure that’s his decision. He has to live that life.’

Anderson also said he chose not to try to “persuade” Williamson, though he believed he could have, especially since Clemson is his alma mater.

“We could have easily persuaded him, but I’m not into persuasion. I want him to feel good about his decision. I told Zion, that would have been great, that would have been great. But he made his decision, and we’re going to live with that… We’re not running from anybody. We were straight up with everybody and we told them what was what from Day One, and the final decision would be Zion’s decision.”

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